A bit of SSC

So last night my guild played, again, in SSC. More specifically, we ground on Lurker a bit more. As you probably figured out from what I’ve said already, the fish still lives (grrr). On the other hand, we got him a lot further. We’re on the edge of being geared appropriately – in fact, we’re probably there for the most part – a few tweaks needed, but mostly there. And we are finally getting the tactics down. How do I know? We got the fish down to 30%. In my experience once you get under 50% on a boss you have a really good idea whether what’s left is tweaking the gear or polishing the tactics to finish it off. I’m going to guess that the Lurker goes down in one of the next two nights we run. Oh, I might be wrong, but…

But I am not going to discuss the Lurker fight. No, I want to discuss what was actually MORE fun (to me, anyway). See, after our third attempt on the fish we called it for the 25, but since we like the trash drops everyone was told if they WANTED to stay they could and we’d just clear the Hydross/Lurker trash. (From the entrance, through the circle to get rid of those frigging frenzies.)

We wound up with 16 people. Four tanks (one druid, three warriors), four healers (three pallies and a priest – me), and eight dps (mix of hunters, warlocks and mages).

We rocked. We had some deaths – a pally and myself and a mage (all in separate battles) when we got too close or didn’t get dots cleared off in time. And one bit of nastiness with an accidental 5-pull while marking where we lost three dps and a tank.

Heh, yes, that’s a brag. An “oops” only lost 25% of the party in SSC with a lot less than max. On the other hand, we knew better than to chase a boss.

By the way, since I wound up as healboss… I ordered two plans. One, every healer took A tank and then group-healed as able and needed. Two, everybody group-healed with priority to the tank. (Keep the tank up, and anything left goes to the party). For those who’ve been there, the decisions are obvious. For the rest – the former was for group pulls, the latter was for the overgrown boglords. As noted already, it worked – and worked well. (And was justified – we got a bit more of the Good Drops because of the run.)

No lessons here, just a report on a bit of fun. Not least because we proved to our own satisfaction that we actually are pretty good.

~ by Kirk on November 8, 2007.

One Response to “A bit of SSC”

  1. Gearing should be a fairly minor limiting factor for the Lurker encounter. This fight is more about survival in P1 (from things like Whirl and Spout) and crowd control management in P2 (getting Hammer of Justices on mobs as they spawn so that they aren’t wrecking your healers, and can then be easily picked up and sheeped). Make sure all of your non melee classes are on the outside of the ring of the central platform to avoid collateral dmg from whirl and spread out to avoid the geysers. (these cause dmg as well as moving people like your healers out of range to heal). When the spout comes make sure everyone is underwater (if you have killed the trash) most classes can still easily dps/heal underwater and there is no reason to die to spout AT ALL.

    Keep at it man, I’m sure you will get it. Best of luck to you and have fun.

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