Another opportunity for Guild Drama

Actually, another chance for party drama of all sorts.  One of the little discussed changes in the patch will be the change in “inspect”.

There are children (maturity, not age) who will ridicule your gear.  It’s about to get worse, even though the tool is of magnificent benefit to class leaders.  See, not only is the range at which you can inspect increasing to 25 yards, but now you’ll be able to inspect talents as well.

No more asking the spec and at best getting a split.  They’ll know if you took lolwell, or didn’t fully top out Shadow Focus.

Now as I said, for the mature this is going to be really, really useful.  As leaders it gives us a chance to check things out in game without having to duck over to Armory (and hope it’s up).  As admiring competitors it lets us check out the player that’s blowing everyone out of the water with heals and damage and see where we’re different.  Either way it gives us a basis for asking why this, and learning (or correcting) as appropriate.

But I foresee a host of people who’ve read the forums and think there is only One True Way for talent speccing – “You can’t come, you don’t have The Talent.”  (Or the backhanded companion – “Wow, you did great even if you didn’t spec The Talent.”)

Just… be prepared.  For the immature will be with us always.

heh – and if you plan right, you can have some more fun.


~ by Kirk on November 12, 2007.

One Response to “Another opportunity for Guild Drama”

  1. Ahh now this will be interesting.
    No more fury warriors wanting to tank. I perhaps think showing individual talents is too far and will cause the odd “you need this talent noob” comment.
    Personally i would much prefer even a list of how many points are spent in each tree (e.g. 41/20/0).
    This way you can easily tell how many points somone has in one tree, without seeing the individual point spend.
    While already availiable on the armoury, its a step no one really bothers to take when forming a pug.

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