Surfacing for a moment

Reading Matticus prompted me to post this – yes, it’s been a bit, especially for someone who was trying to post almost every day.  I am ok, and hope to be back to speed in another couple of weeks.  Maudlin details follow.

To reiterate, I had surgery.  I had a neck problem – a couple of disks were bad, arthritis had decayed the sides of the vertebra facing them, that sort of thing.  The surgeon came in from the front of my neck, shoved aside the soft tissue, and did some grinding and replacing.  A couple of ancillary issues in there, and I was done.  I came home the next day as the procedure went quite well and I was doing better than expected.  Better than expected is a relative term.  I wasn’t talking like the Godfather.  I could swallow semisolids the next day with only some pain.  But I still had had some stuff done to the spine (neck), and all the muscles in there had been severely bruised, and put simply I’ve been a lot less than 100%, physically.

Add to this there are less than fun local issues.  (whine warning, feel free to eject now).  I live just south of Chattanooga, TN.  I come from Colorado, and my wife from Kansas.  We’re liberals – home, we were moderates, here, we’re flaming just-short-of-commies.  Untrusted Yankees, with the nearest family half a continent away, working in a job which pays… decently.  Except for surgery, and a couple of other money eaters.  Holidays suck, because our families can’t come here and we can’t go there – for several years now.  And annual big expenses keep eating the vacation money, so it’s been a few years since we’ve had contact with friendly faces.  sigh.  Oh – we’ve some people we like.  But they’re some distance and busy and so we see them… every couple of weeks?  You don’t get personal interface on a visit every couple of weeks.  Me, I have work for intersocial.  My wife… no.  And she’s a yankee.  And liberal (for here).  So the neighborhood treats her with, well, she’s worked up to tolerance after this past near-decade.

So holidays are ROUGH, and the fact I was locked down this one made it rougher.  Which means I’ve been spending my time: a) recuperating; b) helping my wife have some human contact, which contains crying/yelling about being lonely; c) reading my regular blogs and newspapers and comics and such; and d) playing some wow, in limited doses.  Not only on my priest, but also some low-level starting and a bit on some alts.  The good news of that last is that I’m exploring some issues about which I want to write.

But writing in the blog – well, blogs (this is only one, though much more regular than the others) – and writing on the story and working on the other projects I’ve got sitting around (I may be asking for patent advice, if I can beat a couple of issues into submission – and if they win I won’t), and even my karate have all kind of dropped.

I’m recuperating, folks.  I’m alive, I’m coming back, but it’s going to be a bit.  In the meantime, be well and have fun.

~ by Kirk on November 24, 2007.

4 Responses to “Surfacing for a moment”

  1. Hey, glad to see you’re still around and haven’t dropped off the face of the planet or anything. I wasn’t taking a shot at you or anything =) (Note: “unexplained” absence).

  2. Glad you’re ok man; hope to see you back writing soon 🙂

  3. Hope you’re recovery goes quickly and well. I can relate to being away from familiar friendly faces at the holidays, we’re an army family and don’t get home very often.

  4. I hope that your recovery goes well, the pain gardually recedes, and you will soon be back to your usual butt-kicking self.

    Remember… “pain is weakness leaving the body!”

    Oh wait, I’m sorry… I quoted that wrong… “Pain is pain! Get it off, get it off!!!!”

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