A bit of survival

OK, I’ve tried to stay away from racials, but this is one of the reasons I expect to see Night Elf Priests nerfed sometime not so far in the future.  Oh, the big thing is starshards – I do almost as much with it as I do with SW:P, only using no mana.   Heh – I’ve taken to using it during raids if I have a second free from healing.

But I’m referring to the other spell.  Elune’s grace.  With a 3 minute cooldown it’s not overpowered – in fact, isn’t something you have on any regular basis.  Except, well, I’ve set up a macro.

/castsequence reset=30 fade, Elune’s Grace

One of the Big Nightmares of fade is when you just didn’t do enough – when even with fade the mob is determined to make you George.  Sure, you run to the tank or your rescue party, and they’re going to take the mob off you.  But for a couple of eternities – I mean seconds – you’re getting bruises on your delicate complexion.  Fade, wait the global cooldown, and then (for top rank) you get 15 seconds of reducing the HIT PROBABILITY of the mob’s embrace by 20%.  If you’ve read the bits about adding +hit for the shadowpriest you begin to realize how large this is.  Twenty Percent.  One out of five hits no longer hit you.  Add a Shield to the sequence (before or after) and your chance of surviving till SOMETHING can pull it off you becomes outstanding.

Oh, let me add a related note.  There’s a habit of many heal priests – especially those on PVE servers – of not keeping Inner Fire up.  Folks, if you do not have that up anytime combat is happening, you are giving your opponents 10% more damage.   A tiny bit of mana once every three minutes – just after each battle, for good practice – gives you a definite increase in chance of surving your turn as George.  Use it.  (Our brothers and sisters on the shadow side already have armor up with the shadowform, but I’ll suggest anytime they’ve got a wild and wooly mob – one that likes to random charge – that they might be equally aided in adding this to their habit as well.)

~ by Kirk on November 26, 2007.

4 Responses to “A bit of survival”

  1. You mention possibly adding a PWS to your “ohcrapohcrapohcrap” macro. I don’t play a (high level) Priest so I’m not entirely sure that this is the case, but it was my understanding that casting PWS immediately awards you with threat equal to 1/2 the damage that will be absorbed by the shield. Would this not invalidate the benefits afforded by your earlier Fade? Maybe if you stuck it on the end of the sequence, you could only resort to using it if you KNOW you’re going to be taking a beating?

  2. Good point. That said, if fade didn’t work the extra threat from shield isn’t going to make them hit you harder. You should be running to your tank, and what you’re doing now is trying to ensure you’re still alive by the time the tank takes over. Still, yes, I’d put it at the end of my sequence.

  3. my understanding is that casting PW:S does not generate the aggro, but that the aggro is generated whenever a mob hits your shield. so you’d get some aggro each time the mob hits you, as compared to huge aggro when you caste PW:S.

    That being said, I try not to use PW:S when I pull aggro. However, I DON’T hesitate to use it if I’m low on health. Teh party would rather the ‘healer-protector’ (tank/hunter/etc) battle extra aggro than having the healer die because (s)he’s to scared to hold aggro for a few more seconds.

    YES, inner fire FTW!!!

  4. Xcal, something I would like you to try sometime during a raid or instance. Cast your pw:s on yourself before you pull and look at your threat meter. You will find that in all actuality YES your name is on that list and are the only one there, if you have a poor tank guess who that mob is coming after!!!!

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