What I do in the Lurker fight

We don’t quite have the Lurker on farm, but he goes down for us in no more than three swings any more.  So while I can’t tell you THE strategy, I can tell you what’s working for me.  And in fact, I’m not going to discuss ‘the other healers’, just me and what I do.

First, let’s orient ourselves.  If you put the part of the main ring that’s dipped into the water at 12 o’clock, the three islands are at about 4, 6, and 8 o’clock.  Our main tank holds Lurker from about 12:30 on the inner edge of the main ring.

I stand on the outer edge of the main ring, right about 2-2:30. I’ve got range on a group of four that hangs out on island 4, the main tank, and the couple of off-tanks/melee that hang out around 5 o’clock.  One of those tanks is “my” off-tank – just for reference here.

Here’s the deal.  During Lurker phase, I’m on Main Tank until he spouts.  When he suck in water (Spout in 5 seconds), I update the main tank’s renew, give “my” tank a renew, and jump in the water.  At that instant I start tossing renews at my island group and myself.  As soon as the spout has ended, I get back onto the main island.

This, by the way, used to be my major downfall. Whether it’s my low-powered computer or it’s me (and more likely it’s me), my success rate has improved to where I can succeed about a third of the time.  Since I’m supposed to be healing the main tank here, there’s just a tiny bit of a problem.  Fortunately, IRPriest, I Haz Solution.  I go into this fight with a stack of light feathers.  Surface, pop levitate, get on the island, cancel the buff.

As a quick aside – if you are ever hit with geyser or spout, do NOT pop levitate while in the air.  It’s a waste – even though I feel it’s wrong, you will get some more damage.

Anyway, when the kraken dives, my task changes.  I am healing my tank and my group.  Often, this is my chance to dance with the five second rule.

A point here.  After a lot of rearrangement and trials, we’ve got a pattern down.  And in my case, I have ABSOLUTE TRUST that the mage on “my island” will sheep the add that materializes next to me first.  Yes, I’m standing right next to a spawn point.  I don’t fade, I don’t run.  I do hover over my healthstone button just in case, but the last three times we’ve gone into SSC the use THERE was unnecessary.  (When I used it, it was facing another mob.)   The mage, meanwhile, knows he has to jump off the island in my direction despite the fact the best place is right next to one of THOSE spawns — and he trusts his islandmates to grab them, and me to keep him alive during that first instant of chaos.  Yes, this means I just automatically start a greater heal aimed at the mage as soon as I can after lurker dives.  If the local mobs got grabbed before they hit the mage, I can cancel it.  If he gets hit, he’ll use most of it and gets it within a second or two of getting hit.

One last thing to finish the cycle of how I fight this battle that you could emulate.  When Lurker surfaces, he spouts.  Yep, in the water.  But as soon as I hit the water THIS time, I send my shadowfiend after the fish.  I’ll regenerate mana even though I’m using renews to keep five or six players from too much scalding water damage.

Finally, something only my fellow night elves can pull off.  Yep, I also starshard – every single cooldown.  Yes, 2K damage every 30 seconds is a relative pittance.  But it helps, and it costs zero mana, so I do it on ALL boss fights any more.

Notice, I’ve not said how many healers or what the various tasks might be.  Frankly, I believe we’re still tweaking a couple of things – we are not, after all, farming the fish yet.  But my part works, solid.  So I offer it for your consideration.


~ by Kirk on December 7, 2007.

2 Responses to “What I do in the Lurker fight”

  1. One thing that seemed to make a difference between life and death with us on Lurker during the Adds phase. Was the use of Hammer of Justice on the Adds before trying to catch them with sheep. The mobs can be stunned and this often gives the mages a chance to correctly position themselves or the mob so they can be sheeped without the risk of someone getting smoked. Typically if those adds aren’t picked up very quickly. They can weave some pretty bad destruction. If a healer lands any heal of remote size they can easily draw the mob in the wrong direction and cause issues.

    Positioning wise we always had healers spread out throughout the inner ring. Usually on the far outside edge of the inner circle. So easily avoid whirls and give you more range to reach the ranged dps like hunters/mages/locks on the outside islands.

    Hopefully this helps,
    Undead PVE Priest
    Reawaken (Staghelm)

  2. Excellent breakdown, and quite useful to someone not-quite-raiding-yet. Bonus kudos for mentioning the group dynamic of these types of fights (ie: the mage sheeping and rmembering to queue up a Gheal just in case).
    It’s hte little things like mentioning that trust in teammates, and the followup of queuing the heal immediately. Those little details might jsut be the inspiration my lvl 53 healer needs for the tougher fights I’m just starting to experience now.

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