An aside for hunters

As I’ve said, one of my favorite alt classes is a hunter. I’m tired of cringing more often than relaxing when a new hunter joins.

If you are a hunter, I am completely confident that you can pound out the dps. But…

Can you chain-trap a mob, trapping it in consecutive traps, placed so they don’t decide to bang on me instead? Or is it one trap and only when reminded?

Do you use your pet? Is it on passive, off growl, and used to help with pulls, dps and/or crowd control? Or does it sit by your side – or worse, remain unsummoned – the entire instance?

Do your pulls gently deposit the mobs into the loving arms of the tank, or does everyone have to scramble to overcome the wild hairball you’ve initiated with BOOM/FD?

If you’re the latter more often than the former, there’s help. My favorite source of help is the Big Red Kitty, but there are other places. Go, learn, and start making huntards the exceptions instead of the rule.

BRK has moved, which is why I’m taking the opportunity to advertise his site. Seriously, he’s got a lot of good stuff for the hunter, and a few things useful to the rest of us. Go visit.


~ by Kirk on December 10, 2007.

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