Brilliance from the comments

I’ve got intelligent, experienced and imaginative readers. But every so often I get genius.

Kinless has a simple thing he mentions a couple of posts ago that had my jaw dropping, and I need to share it.

He has the “mark target with Skull” keybound. When the current target is dead, he picks the next target and slaps that key.

The kill order is: Skull, Skull, Skull…

Why are you still reading this instead of binding keys?

==oops, forgot something.  Anyone who gets flashes like this needs his site linked.  Kinless’s Chronicles. =


~ by Kirk on December 12, 2007.

8 Responses to “Brilliance from the comments”

  1. Yep, this is very nice, and I wish more people practiced it. What’s more impressive, though: the first person I saw doing this was a single person dual-playing a tank and healer simultaneously, and doing it better than most people play a single character. It was one of the smoothest instance runs I’ve ever been on.

  2. I always thought binding the raid icons to keys was a requirement.

    I have almost all of the icons bound to F6 – F11. Makes it simple to target and markup the entire pull quickly and lets me switch Skull to the current target (or re-assign CC / kill order if there are adds).

    It really makes an instance go a lot smoother.

  3. Interesting that things some people take for granted are like revelations to others, and vice versa.
    Binding the skull is normal for our MA’s in raids and such – heck even I have the skull bound to button on my alt rogue on the few times I play it. It sometimes can cause a little confusion when multiple mobs need to be CC’d. Then again, if the CC’ers are on the ball they would have their stuff based on a focus/macro and its then moot.
    Just wanted to say, been reading your corner of the interwebz for a while now and even though at times I find my self rolling my eyes and saying “duh..”, no matter what you always have good content. Keep up the good stuff, I’m going to keep reading. 🙂
    PS: Very nice job on the macro posts, btw. Many people don’t understand just how much that can help.

  4. skull skull skull 🙂 LOL I love it!
    Do you have any tips for a healer priest who marks? I try to step up to the marking plate as often as possible, and usually setup my marks before the first pull, then watch the action while healing my group. I sometimes have to scramble with bad pulls, patrols (=bad pulls) or when CC goes wrong and mobs call for help. If my team skull skull skull, then I have to keep a much closer watch on the action and switch between targeting mobs and my team. I guess that this is where the UT (/spit) skills come into play!

    also, I would keep on using the CC marks (moon=sheep, bluesquare=icetrap etc), and skulls for the kill order…any other suggestions?

    will practice tonight;-)

  5. I’m not sure if you covered this in another post or not, but could you go over how to attach the raid icons to a a specifc key? Do you have to create a macro first and assign the macro to a keybinding? I’m at work right now so I can’t really test this all out.

  6. Hikkup — Press Escape > Keybindings to open your keybindings menu. You will need to scroll down considerably, as the raid icon keybinding options are buried way down in the menu. You will be able to attach any key you like to all of the available icons. I use the F6-F10 keys, and the Insert/Delete key (since F11 is reserved for screenshots on my keyboard). Good luck, and enjoy!

  7. Teni – Thanks for the help, I’m all set up now. 🙂

  8. skull skull skull:-) I played an instance yesterday where the tank/leader used this method. (he doesn’t read this blog). ABSOLUTELY brilliant! He gave teh rogue a sap-icon, I had an MC-icon, hunter had a trap-icon and the rest was skulls. It worked BRILLIANTLY!

    I don’t often MC because I’m MH, but we had a weaker drood who wanted to heal, so I was MC/dps disc/holy priest LOL, Hellfire Citadel was my first DPS instance EVER!

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