Delays and discussions

As you may have noticed, I’ve been lax in posting for a few days.  A host of reasons exist, some of which I’ll mention in this post.  Yep, it’s a QQ post (grin).

First is I’m somewhat dreading the macro/script post.  Truth is I’m reaching my limits of competency and so losing confidence that I’m going to steer right.  I’ve decided I’m going to continue, but remind folk of this fact every so often.  And as a consequence the series may get a little disjointed — and even take some blind turns as I discover I can’t do what I thought I could do THAT way.  So for those dreading the next Writing Macros series, your dread has not been in vain.

Second, though no less important, have been the holidays and other off-WoW life.  It was not a holly jolly Christmas for many, many reasons, most of which I’m not going to share.  Illness and injuries – not only among my immediate family, but among the ones who had been going to come out to where I am and so were stopped – were only a part of the reason.  My feeling of being a stranger in a strange land (from Colorado/Kansas, and am in Georgia) doesn’t help, and it’s exacerbated by a persistent attitude displayed toward my wife by the locals.  (You’re not from ’round here…)  Enough – there were many, many other reasons, and you don’t need all the details.

Third, I’ve not been playing Zingiber much recently.  It wasn’t fun.  Now, I still like playing priestie – and I’ve been having some fun with the hunter – but the reason was guild related.  As in — as of a couple of days ago, Sunfury – of almost 200 members three months ago, farming Gruul, working on SSC – no longer exists.   Disbanded.  The guild still exists on paper, but it’s some admin stuff to get it all closed down cleanly (distribution of loots, making sure the people who weren’t on when the disband happened aren’t left in the dark, nice things like that.)  To be honest I feared it was coming, and wasn’t in a position (time in the guild OR rank in the guild) to sway things intelligently.  A digression – I’ve learned the hard way that trying to sway things without knowledge, time, and/or authority is a good way to make things worse.  I’ve done it, and seen it done, both in and outside games.  There is a tiny chance I’d have persuaded the guild to stay together by doing something a bit differently.  There’s a much larger chance I’d have created MORE dissension.

Now that the guild is officially disbanded, I’ve discovered how much good will I’ve earned – or maybe it’s desperation for a healer.  I got on last night (after three nights not playing Zingiber) and had several whispers asking me to join a guild – different guilds.  I told them all I needed to think about it, and helped an old friend with an early Kara run (that is, mostly new to and barely geared for it players) — it was an amazing experience to wipe on Moroes after seeing him drop so easily in the past.

I will have to think on it, of course.  I have no desire to spend 30 or 40 hours a week on WoW “just” raiding.  I want to do more with my hunter, for one thing.  And spend time with my wife, and do some things around the house, and finish writing my book, and…  But at my skill and gear, I’m mostly getting requests from Raiding Guilds.  Ah well – it beats having NOBODY wanting me.

So, I will be getting more posts done — getting back to a more regular rate.  Sorry for the wait.


~ by Kirk on January 3, 2008.

One Response to “Delays and discussions”

  1. Happy New Year ! I hope everything is getting better … I’ll be waiting for the next part of your macro series, take all the time you need. 🙂


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