The basics

It’s been a while, so let’s refocus on just the basics first.

As a healpriest, these are Your Rules.  Rule the first, The Tank Shall Stay Alive.  Rule the second, You shall stay alive except when it violates Rule the First.

All else is gravy.  And details.

Shadowpriest, this is your rule.  Thou shalt maximize thy utility.

This needs expansion, therefore…  You will, given equal gear and skill, always have other classes that can do more DPs than you.  The only reason for bring you instead of them to the party, then, is what you can do which they cannot.  You have three things and only three to bring – know this and be prepared.

First, once you are high enough level you can provide mana regeneration.  If you are high enough level and do not have this, then the remaining two elements are unlikely to be sufficient to bring you to the party.

Second, you bring a shackle.  So do healpriests.  And hunters can trap the mobs you shackle.  If all you bring is a shackle it is often not enough, and you should not be surprised if you are not invited to many parties.

Third, you are an emergency healer.  It is comforting to have such even if never called upon.  However, emergency healers also abide in Shamans, Druids and Paladins.  You are not unique, and it becomes a great temptation to leave that to the other classes.  Know, however, that if you decline to prepare for and provide this you should not be surprised if you are not invited to the party.

First and always, maximize your utility.  Within this lay several details, a critical one being max dps without crippling your utility.  If you sacrifice utility for more dps, there are others who can – and WILL – gleefully take your place.

~ by Kirk on January 4, 2008.

5 Responses to “The basics”

  1. To relate this to the biggest problem I see in new priests (and easily the worst thing I do when I panic): popping fear normally violates both rules….

  2. all I can say is AMEN Brother Kirk

  3. And ye, though we walk through the shadow of the valley of death, we will fear no ignorance. Thy post and thy words comfort me. 🙂
    ((not meant as an insult to biblical scripture, just humorous parody)) You speak truth Kirk! All the rest are details.
    -Kanandi healy-priest – Horde Farstriders

  4. This is a good think to note.. Nice post. I have told the newer shadow priests that have come into our guild that they are one of the most scrutinized positions in the whole raid. People will blame them for pulling agro, not providing enough mana returns, not having all their debuffs stacked. And the mana users in my guild are GREEDY , they are relentless about milking a SP till they either explode or finally give them some ridiculous amounts back.

    Its a tough job, You push and push and push as hard as possible while riding the line of agro/max dps. Some people are flawless at it others can never really quite get it right.

    However one thing you didn’t mention in the usefulness is their party healing abilities. In many cases its easier to take a resto druid or a resto shaman to heal a party/raid. But SP’s can do it without loosing the dps from that spot. Places like Gurtogg Bloodboil, Reliquary of Souls, Mother Shahraz. Raid dmg can be quit overbearing but the SPs can provide enough healing to keep people afloat. Again like the other things you mentioned its not a deal breaker type ability but it can be damn useful and enchances that “raid utility”

    PVE Undead Priest
    Reawaken Guild
    Staghlem Server

  5. In early raiding, if you bring melee to the Maiden fight, I find having a shadow priest in their group can pretty much handle all the healing needed for them. It makes life easier for the healers. Only problem is since a lot more of the shadow healing is actually being used, aggro is an issue.

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