A bit on hunter survival talents

Don’t you hate it when you get “AHA” moments in the dead of night, and can’t turn on the light to write it down for fear of awakening your wife? yeah… So I was considering what I want to do, and had one of those flashes. And it came to me I needed to seriously look at my talent choices and why I was making them. Oh, no stream of consciousness all-talents-considered blither – once was enough for that. Instead, a more focused examination on just a few is in order.

The first one to examine is the top of the chain — Readiness. This is, as I gushed not so long ago, a great talent. It closes all your hunter ability cooldowns. Traps, feign death, various ‘once per battle’ specialty shots… It’s a brilliant talent. It has, however, a downside. 5 points in master tactician is mandatory. And master tactician 5/5 is… 6% of all your shots will trigger an 8-second window during which your crit chance is increased by 10%. Assuming average of 1 shot per second this is giving an average 5% increase to your crit rate. That’s ok. It’s not stunning. And again I need to apply some focus. I’m expecting a lot of solo and BG. Resilience will happen in BGs at my level — enough that MT’s gain will be functionally null. It’ll help on solo killing, though — while dragging even MORE aggro from my pet. sigh.

The next talent to examine is Expose Weakness. This is the talent that gets SV into raids — hit a crit and all the melee players add 25% of your agility to their AP against THAT target for the next 7 seconds.. I’m only about 300 right now, so that’s “only” +75. It would help my pet on solo leveling/grinding. In BGs… it’s not completely useless. In WSG and EotS, it makes a flag-carrier really, really vulnerable. And in focus fire situations for AV and AB it’ll work nicely as well. But in my current situation there is a small problem — I’m level 64. That’s a massive decrease in hit and crit chance. This makes crit-based usefulness more in line with that of priests (ie, not usually, not reliably).

Same level is Wyvern Sting. 12 seconds of out-of-play (or use the trinket). (Actually, it might be 10 seconds with Blizzard’s PVP rules. shrug.) The downside? 2 minute cooldown. In comparison there’s scattershot in the MM tree. Half the range, only 3 seconds, but once every 30 seconds. A point to consider – it is possible to have both if I skip Readiness.

I’m not going to continue down the line.  Instead, I’ll note what I realized while writing this.

For the next four levels, I am NOT going to be a pure survival hunter.  I am going to violate the crap out of the BRK dictum for hunters – maximum sustainable damage.  No, I have two goals instead.  In PVP, it is to cause maximum disruption to the opponent – damage is a bonus.  And for the leveling, it’s to achieve maximum sustained kills.  FD and traps are my friend, but I suspect (and will run numbers as well as experience to check myself) that staying under my pet’s aggro (well, 130%) will IN THE LONG RUN be of more benefit.

Not to say that I shouldn’t practice kiting and multi-trapping and chain trapping.  Just… I suspect it’s less efficient for my leveling.


~ by Kirk on January 30, 2008.

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