healer requesting addons on non-healers

I’d like to request that if you’re a non-healer working with healers, you put two addons into your pile.  Oh, they aren’t mandatory, and I’ve talked of them before, but still.

Please add omen.  Please add visualheal.

Omen – so many have discussed it before, but it’s so important.  Oh, you can use KTM, but I prefer omen.  Regardless of which, if you’re running it, we know how far we can push our healing with you.  We know if we’re in danger of pulling aggro – and can maybe pop a preemptive fade.  Or – better from your point of view – we can better anticipate if you’re going to need a heal Real Soon Now.  And whether we can afford it (in terms of pulling aggro our own selves.)  Please, add a threatmeter – KTM or Omen.

VisualHeal is a bit trickier.  See, it won’t tell us a darn thing.  What it WILL do, however, is tell you if there is a heal on the way, and how heavy it’s going to be.  How often have you watched your health drop below 50 and still declining and wondered if you needed to drop out and grab a pot?  And grabbed the pot only to see a Big heal hit you just a second later?  Here’s your answer.  One simple bar, showing your health and any incoming heals (and how much they’re going to deliver – or overdeliver in some cases).

But if it doesn’t tell me, the healer, anything, why am I asking you to put it on?  It saves me mana and/or grief.  Lack of communication kills – or at least severely maims.  No more more seeing 80% of a heal wasted because you potted at the last second.  No more seeing you die because last time you potted so I didn’t heal you this time, but you thought….  Trust.  Communication.  And easy, non-intrusive.  It makes things go a lot smoother for us all.

Go have fun.

~ by Kirk on January 31, 2008.

4 Responses to “healer requesting addons on non-healers”

  1. Wow, VisualHeal sounds great. I’m guessing that I (the healer) also need to be using it?

  2. Yes, but I’ve recommended it for healers before. In fact it’s MEANT for healers.

    See, if all your healers have it you have a really good chance of avoiding overheals. You see the bar that is the target’s potential health. Within it you see their actual health. And you see the incoming heals’ – yes, PLURAL – projected effect.

    Oh, it won’t catch everything – frisbee and lifebloom being examples. But “crap, do I need to hit the tank – no, someone’s got him,” is SUCH a comfort.

  3. I’ve got Visual Heal. It’s always lighting up when I’m throwing heals with my Restoration Shaman.

    But when I’m on my Warrior, and my wife’s Restoration Shaman is healing me, I don’t see that bar light up. Do both parties need the add-on?

  4. @Kinless – yep, or so I understand.

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