Hunter – theorycraft – rapid fire and clipping auto

I R AN IDJIT, again.

I’ve got this huge, humongous post that was doing heavy math to determine when/if the fact rapid fire might clip autofire DOESN’T matter – that you’ll still increase DPS.  Reminds me of some jokes about engineers and sex that I’m going to skip retelling, not least because I’m feeling like the punchline…

Real simple overkill first.  If special damage is at least equal to autodamage, AND there’s no cooldown restrictions, rapid fire will always increase DPS.

More detail and a bit more accuracy.

DPS is damage divided by seconds.  When doing a rotation, you have autoshot damage plus special damages, all divided by weapon speed.  In a (typical BM) 1:1 rotation that’s S+A/WS.   Now let’s say you clip A while getting WS 40% faster.

So long as your special is more than 60% the damage of your A AND you do not suffer cooldown penalties, you will do more damage even if you clip every single autoshot.


Now you can do things to be better — go to a 1s:2A rotation for example.  But since most of your damage-based special attacks do MORE than your autos (excluding crits), Rapid Fire will increase DPS.

Go have fun.

~ by Kirk on January 31, 2008.

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