Where-in I realize I’m an idiot

OK, for several hunter related posts I’ve gone on about how I think I want to be survival spec.  In several of those posts I’ve mentioned (offhand) how I like my pets.


If a MAJOR part of your joy in playing a class is a certain element of the class, then spec for that element.  In other words – I am not abandoning this cat (I already had to do so with one of the two).  And I am highly unlikely to abandon the other, either.  Since I am so devoted to my pets, I’m obviously — OBVIOUSLY — beastmaster.

Understand that I really like several of the things over there in SV – up in the high end at that.  And I suspect I’d do at least as well as I do now with BM.  For what it’s worth the same goes for MarksMan spec as well – oh, those look nice.

But for both of them, the pet isn’t as important.  Not UNimportant, just not AS important.

For those who nudged and queried and suggested, thanks.  It really did help.


~ by Kirk on January 31, 2008.

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