Fighting Prince in Karazhan

I did that title for maximum search hits, but if you’re here because of it I’m actually sending you somewhere else.  BigBearButtBlogger did a video post that shows the “safe spots” in action.  I’m going to comment a bit, but if you’re here for the technique, go there.

First – I don’t know how many times I failed to convince not only my guild but the groups I got invited to join to use these spots.  “We tried, they didn’t work,” was common, as was, “Our way gets there.”  I really, really got tired of the repair bills.  Pictures weren’t enough, discussions from high-ranked guilds weren’t enough.  Oddly, a video is convincing.

Second, part of the reason I was always doubted…  Go watch the video again.  Notice, near the end, the flame-circle from the elemental near BBB.  It looks like it actually hits him.  If that’s your cue, and you know from bitter experience that more than two splashes = dead softies (like healers and mages) which in turn leads to party wipe, then OBVIOUSLY if the splash is hitting the so-called safe spot it’s not safe any more, now is it?  This “picture vs reality” is something I’ve encountered before, but never have I been able to pass on the lesson.  The graphic is not always accurate.

We know this when we see a cleave that passes over the heads – or doesn’t pass through our actual location – but we take the damage.  We know that sometimes we get damage even when we’re just outside the perimeter of an ice storm – no ice shards hit me, but I’m dying.  We need to get it into our minds that the ACTUAL damage spot and the IMAGE damage spot are not always the same.

When you die or get hit – and when you do some hitting yourself – start paying attention to what happened visually.  Most of the time it’ll be interesting but useless info.  Sometimes, though, it’ll give you that opportunity.  Sometimes, it’s what takes Prince from a madhouse to a farm.  Sometimes, it’s what tells us to take a couple more steps when facing Aran’s blast.  At the least, it means that we benefit when we pay more attention to numbers than to pretty pictures was we push the margins.

~ by Kirk on February 1, 2008.

2 Responses to “Fighting Prince in Karazhan”

  1. Indeed, I’ve even advocated that spot myself on my blog. People still rarely listen.

  2. This is a VERY VERY VERY good piece of advice that will help you throughout all the of the TBC raiding content. I have experienced situations like this at nearly every level of raiding.

    From Prince like you mentioned, to Leotheras’s Whirlwind, to Vashj’s spore clouds, to Kael’thas’s Flamestrikes, to Archimonde’s Doomfires, to Blizzards and Flamestrikes during Illidari Council. Its all the same thing, and i have heard the “well it didn’t look like I was standing in it” while their life ticked away steadily to imminent doom.

    There are a few things you can use to help, first off and most successful one is if you need to be 5 yds away from whatever, be 7 -10 yds away instead. Especially if your trying to avoid something particularly nasty…. The other thing you can do is get a combat log mod that makes your incoming dmg impossible to ignore. Scrolling Combat Text is a good example, Can make it pop up right in the middle of your screen and make it huge so you know to get out of the way as quickly as possible.

    Great post though.

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