Pondering that spell haste

There is one bit in that leak of 2.4, the one about the spell haste, that’s been gnawing at me for quite some time. Just so we’re all on the same sheet of music, let me quote the line:

Spell Haste will reduce the global cool down on spells, down to a minimum of 1 second (doesn’t apply to melee and ranged abilities).

I talked about it way back when, but let’s re-examine something. Haste is a percentage adjustment. With that in mind, what this little line tells us is that it is POSSIBLE to have AT LEAST a 33% haste effect.

Why 33%? GCD is 1.5 seconds, and the line says 1 second is possible.

Why “at least”? The line puts a cap at 1 second, implying faster would be possible under certain circumstances (probably using a bit of racial assistance, and yes I’m looking at trolls here.)

Note another thing – this does NOT appear to apply to ALL cooldowns, just the GCD.

What does this mean? Much for most caster-DPS, most healers – and sucks for those who rely upon DOTs (I’m looking at you, warlocks) — EXCEPT when they’re trying to DOT multiple opponents. Let’s take some superficial effects.

All instants can potentially be cast once per second. Yes, my 3-second casts (Greater Heal for example) could always (notionally) be reduced to 2 seconds, but that’s no longer an automatic decision. Instead we’re back to the planning and nudging — 2 second GH, or two Instants? Or one instant, off to GH.

Note an annoyance issue here. 2 second GH SUCKS for interrupt casting. A bit of lag and any interruption in your attention and off goes the spell, needed or not.

PVP with haste… this is going to suck for the warlocks at the top end. Everyone else will be pushing a potential 33% increase in damage, and all you can do is stack your DOTs faster. This is also going to suck for the interrupters, both caster and melee. 33% faster is 33% less time to recognize, retarget, slap your interrupt, and work around lag.

The good news? Only the topmost levels will probably see this amount. The bad news? The topmost levels will have an even LARGER margin of benefit.


If I can get a 1/3 decrease in casting time, then the DISC priest in PVP is a hands-down winner. 1.5s for mass dispel, focused power 2/2 reduces that to 0.5 seconds, and 1/3 haste makes it, for all intents and purposes, an instant (0.33 seconds to cast). 3 seconds for Mana Burn, same focused power takes it to 2 seconds, 1/3 haste… 1.33 seconds. Not uninterruptable, but a lot harder.

At least it doesn’t speed up the tick of dots, nor regular cooldown. At least, I hope not.


~ by Kirk on February 4, 2008.

10 Responses to “Pondering that spell haste”

  1. I can’t seem to find this info anywhere, maybe you know more: will spell haste affect Nature’s Grace (moonkin talent)?

  2. @horns – Spell haste isn’t new. It’s the effect on the GCD that’s (going to be) new. So the factually correct answer is, “If it does now, it will, if it does not do so now, it won’t.” Beyond that, I can and will guess.

    Directly, no. There will be no effect. Indirectly… Here’s the way it’ll work.

    You’ve got spell haste of – for easy math – 10%. You have a spell that’s got a normal cast time of 2 seconds. Due to spell haste, it takes 1.8 seconds to cast.

    You, with Nature’s Grace talent, crit. And you subsequently cast our example spell. Now…

    If I follow the pattern right, then what happens is that your half-second is removed from the base time and THEN the haste is applied. So it’s 2 seconds becomes 1.5 seconds (-0.5 for NG) becomes 1.35 seconds (-10% for Haste) cast time.

    If I’m mistaken and it’s the other way, then it’s 2 seconds becomes 1.8 seconds (-10%) becomes 1.3 seconds (-0.5) cast time. Not a HUGE difference in this case.

    Except in both cases the GCD is reduced to 1.35 seconds. So even if the second is the “right” way, you’ll be able to start your next spell in 1.35 seconds, regardless.

  3. I seriously doubt you will be able to reduce your casting that much without gimping yourself in other areas. Think if it as a new suffix “of haste” or something that grants only spell haste and no other stat, via lots of greens with that suffix you can probably reduce the GCD to 1.0, possibly much lower if you wore only that and thus the reason for the cap. In gearing for this you lack plus heal/damage and other stats and are thus weaker then if you spread yourself out better. It is a nice change since that means I can cast dispell, renew, flash heal, etc. faster (imagine holy paladins now with a lower GCD on flash of light) but it really shouldn’t be game breaking in the least.

  4. The 2s GH is a little harder for cancel casting but when it’s needed, I think I’d rather have the faster cast for those times the tank takes a spike at the same time the heal is canceled. From my experience in ZA where I’ve been tank-heal and raid-heal, speed and quick reaction time has definitely become a bigger factor in keeping the raid alive. This spell haste benefit will be a blessing to all healers, provided they don’t forget the impact it’s going to have on their mana pool. Thanks for the information. I will be looking forward to this, as I’m sure all priests who wish they could spam like pallies will be. 😉

  5. I am a shadow priest currently workin on Vashj. I’ve been building my haste set all along from za and badges just incase it became viable. This new change to GCD really doesn’t change as much for spriests as other clases due to mind flay having no GCD but there is still benefit there. I would love to see some theorycraft involving pre Hyjal gear 🙂 .. Also you’ve told me that GCD can be reduced by 1/3 but what does that translate to in Spell haste?

  6. Remember folks, it’s GUESSWORK. Blizzard seems to think that much is possible so they put a cap in. How much you’ll have to sacrifice, what gear you’ll need to do it…? I haven’t got a clue.

    Meltfacer – haste is haste. If it’s reducing GCD by a third it’s reducing casting and channeling (but not DOT) time by a third.

  7. Here are some items that I have for haste effect:
    [Swiftheal Mantle]
    [Swiftheal Wraps]
    [Achromic Trousers of the Naaru]
    I am also hoping to pick up the following items soon:
    [Brooch of Nature’s Mercy]
    [Cloak of Ancient Rituals]
    [Dark Blessing]
    I guess I am going for broke when it comes to spell haste but I am convinced it will pay out in dividends in the long run.

    ~Crusard [Argent Dawn-US]

  8. Hmmm. I am sorry for the last post…apparently my script is not at all compatible with your blog’s code. I apologize profusely. Your blog is by far the most superior of it’s kind.

  9. Yea I understand that my dot time is not decreased. But the cast time of Vamperic Touch, GCD after that, GCD after SW:P, Mind blast, GCD after mind blast, and of course the Mind Flay channel time would all be decreased. The 1/3 is confusing me, as I had read previously that a capped spriest would be capable of 2.75 second mind flays.. from what i’m reading now 2 second mind flays would be possible?

  10. Crusard – popup doesn’t work. Links do – and it’s ok.

    Meltfacer – that was my previous understanding as well. Note that I’m MAKING AN ASSUMPTION based on what Blizzard says. Specifically that global cooldown can be reduced to 1 second with spell haste. From that I’m taking straight logic for the assumption

    1 second is 2/3 of normal GCD.
    Spell haste works on a proportional, not fixed system.
    Thus spell haste CAN BE as large as 1/3.

    Which means that NOW you could reduce mind flay to 2 seconds. Or at least so goes my reasoning.

    But I could be wrong.

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