Liking Disc a bit

So I got an hour to play last night, and decided I’m short money so needed to do some herb farming. Now the change that made +heal do +damage (at 1/3 the strength) was useful, but there were still places that were Major Pains for me. On an odd whim, I tried a couple of the lesser such.

I did about as much damage as I did as a Holy spec – which is to say most PVP specs would hang their heads in shame with my numbers. But… I wasn’t dying. I was doing what is “typical” of the holy paladin and Prot warrior – yeah, it takes a while to kill them, but at least I’m not spending half my time running back from graveyards.

There are a fair number of moneymaking quests I got tired of “almost” finishing. And there are some really nice herb opportunities I’ve left completely untouched. I’m enthused – I may have to go visit these sites again.

Shadow for DPS. Holy for PVE-heal. Disc for PVP-heal. So far, that’s holding true.

Have fun.


~ by Kirk on February 8, 2008.

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