My Job on Maulgar – supplementing Ego

Ego just wrote a good Healer Strategy for Maulgar and friends. Go there first, because I’m going to supplement, not reinvent the wheel.

Why are you still here? Go read, then come back.

That’s better. OK, so I’m one of those healers. Which doesn’t matter (yet).

What matters to me is what I’m getting ready to do. I want to know three things.

1) I want to know where MY healtarget is planning to fight. I want to be in position to start casting a heal – especially if I’m planning to interrupt-cast greater heals – before my target attacks.

2) I want to know where my NEXT healtarget is planning to fight. In this fight it is pretty much a guarantee that some if not all my next targets are out of range at the instant I start fighting. Yes, they may not be where they intended to be when it’s actually time to switch, but usually they are.

3) I really want to know where I want to avoid going. In this fight, where is Krosh’s mage-tank planning to hold him? Again, sure, he’s got a good chance of moving somewhere from there. But the starting point is pretty important too.

Seriously on that third, think about it. I am not planning to start on top of my tank. I am going to stand somewhere. I’d really rather not move more than I have to, so not standing where the mage is planning to tank Krosh is a good idea.

Obviously I have to keep an eye and ear toward what’s going on. Maulgar’s healer is OOM and I’m called to pick up the slack? I’m on Blind Eye, but one of the mobs dragged his team of killers toward the gate instead of staying in a clump? Yeah, these happen.

But it lessens the stress if you take a few moments to think through “what’s next” a little more fully.

~ by Kirk on February 8, 2008.

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