A short BG note – odds and ends

Really, this is a short burst of bits – thoughts before I go to bed after a long day. Comments are invited.

I’m going to change my raid-frame. I’ve been using Xperl2, and really like it for raiding. Two reasons – pets, and buffs/debuffs aren’t a dot that can mean half a dozen things. It’s got one problem, though, that’s killing my performance in BG – no way to know who is in or out of range. I think Grid is about to come into its own. I just need a lot less detail about my (pug) teammates, but REALLY need to know when someone is in range. Only downside is the lack of a pet health indicator — hunters, warlocks, and even frost mages get HUGE benefits when I help keep their pet alive just a little longer.

I’ve wreaked major changes on my spell macros – healing and damage both. Here’s the generic form using heal:

#showtooltip SPELL
/cast [mod:alt,target=player]
[noharm,target=focus] SPELL

Walking the chain, I can ALWAYS get myself. If I put the mouse over either the unitframe or a toon on the screen: if friendly, spell goes to it. If enemy, spell goes to its target (friend of friend). Noharm? Not much use in BGs, but when grinding it means my heal CAN be used on a neutral if necessary. For “harm” spells, kill the mod:alt line and then replace all noharms with harm.

I’ve been pondering WWS. I realized that before I can use the stats to properly evaluate my performance I need to decide what a “good performance” should show in a stats report. This deserves serious thought, of course, but I’m tentatively thinking overheals might be MORE important than they are in non-PVP. Tracking the frisbee to ensure it got cast enough is probably good. I’m going to look and see how much I failed to protect myself – given a game duration, how many times did I cast shield. For that matter, I should make a small checklist and see if there are other spells I’m forgetting. Like Elune’s grace, Starshards, Inner Focus, …

I need to go ahead and do some purchases – a few enchants, some changes in gems, that sort of thing. One thing I’d had pretty much no need for in the past has bitten me twice in three games. Have to go buy an elite ground mount -sigh.

I need to work on another macro for the buff sequence. Fort, Spirit, and Shadow Protection in spell sequence – target or self, and the Big Prayer versions aimed at target on the control modifier. If I do it right I can probably buff most of the people who rez with me even if they don’t wait long to mount and take off.

This weekend is EotS weekend. I’ve played two, so far, and both were Alliance victories. Quite simply, there was lots of chatter in raid. That said, I need to look at chat addons. I miss a crapload of raid-chat as it’s over in that chat window. I think I’ll go shopping for something that’ll do selected channels (default raid, party, whisper) in an SCT like format. Speaking of… I’m not seeing MY posts in raid. I need to check various setting and see if I’ve turned off something important.

After the weekend I’ll look at my talents and see what if anything gets adjusted.

Late. Sleep beckons. Those of you still awake…

Have fun.

~ by Kirk on February 9, 2008.

4 Responses to “A short BG note – odds and ends”

  1. Pets have been added to Grid although there is still an issue:

    “Notes: Due to a bug in the World of Warcraft client and a limitation of Roster-2.1, sometimes a pet frame may appear as a black square. The reason behind this is that when a pet leave your area of interests, the client lose informations about it. One of this information lost is the name of the unit, which is required by Roster-2.1 to correctly register the unit.”

  2. Do you use Healbot?

    If not give it a try. It has an AV skin which checks for range and I am pretty sure you can add pets to it as well. Healbot has changed the way I heal, I have thought about trying grid but haven’t yet.

  3. One other quick note, I was wondering what you thought of this gem from the patch notes:

    “Spirit-Based Mana Regeneration: This system has been adjusted so that as your intellect rises, you will regenerate more mana per point of spirit.”

    The other Priest related changes aren’t anything special but this sounds interesting. It looks mostly targeted at Mages but I could see it making a huge difference in how we look at gear, you can’t just go max spirit because it won’t be as worthwhile without a lot of int as well so you will have to strike a good balance.

  4. @twww – thanks, that’s encouraging.

    @Bernard – yes, I have. It hogs resources. It’s got a lot going for it, though, so I may return. The biggest problem with it is it doesn’t like my macros. And since I can get pretty much the same effect with macros, keybinds, and a good unitframe…

    As to the patch notes, post pending. There are some other interesting lines, in my opinion.

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