A Limited look at AV

This is not a strategy guide. Seriously, if you’re looking for one of those, go somewhere else. I don’t know enough, yet.

What I HAVE done is a bit of study – research – on honor, and I thought I’d share. Just… call it idle amusement, ok?

For those who haven’t been there, AV used to be the BIG battleground – hours of play for a single game, with players entering and leaving. That changed, somewhere, and it can (and frequently does) take less time to run an AV than it does to do WSG.

Let’s take a second to consider that. I have a baseline from WSG. I can win 140 ‘bonus’ honor from WSG. I can comfortably expect to be a part of 15-20 kills even if I’m on the losing side – that’s another 50-75 points. For sheer convenience – and remember THESE NUMBERS ARE GUESSTIMATES – I’m going to call WSG a 100 honor game for planning purposes. 0 points is possible. So is 300 (or more). If you consistently win use a higher number, if you consistently lose go to 50 points. YMMV. OK?

Ah – I need to make a second digression. I stumbled across a MAGIC NUMBER. And once I found it, I managed to confirm it well enough I’m willing to take it as “the” magic number.

If you’re level 70, killing a pristine (no diminished returns) level 70 is worth 21 points. (Actually, it seems to be 20.9, but I’m going to be doing a bunch of math on the fly – round numbers work better for me). I’m still getting a handle on what’s “in range” – 100 yards is sure, 200 seems to be a bit too far. I’ll use 100 for now, then.

Back to AV. As a bit of research will show you, there are a whole bunch of quests you can complete. They’re fun, in a longer game they can make crapload of difference, they provide reputation, and some provide both money and nifty gear. By all means, explore them if you’ve time and inclination. Just realize, up front, that they give you ZERO honor. If you’re in here for the honor, the only reason to do a quest is to help make a difference in the rest of the battles.

For honor… I’ve encountered a list three different places, and it seems confirmed (in dribbles) by some Blue (aka Blizzard employee) posts in the forums. Even better, the lists have a “kill value” for the honor earned. The list, as I have it, is:

  • Opposing player kills (1 kill, shared, Dim Returns apply)
    Killing Enemy General (4 kills apiece)
    Killing Enemy Captain (3 kills apiece)
    Destroying an Enemy Tower/bunker (3 kills per tower/bunker, apiece)
    Live Captain (2 kills apiece)
    Surviving towers/bunkers (2 kills per tower/bunker apiece)
    Completing AV during it’s holiday weekend (4 kills apiece)
  • First Big Deal… If it’s the holiday weekend, even if EVERYTHING else goes wrong, you earn 84 points in AV. If it is NOT holiday weekend… oh well.

    Second Big Deal – with the exception of killing other players, all honor goes to all players present at end of game regardless of participation. This is the root of “AFK farming”, of course. Run to the cave, alt-tab, check back every so often… sigh.

    There are two different ways to win AV. Each has a probable ‘bonus honor’ we can estimate. The first manner is the classic – kill the enemy general. 84 points of honor for everyone. Frankly, if you’re doing that you will destroy AT LEAST two towers or bunkers along the way – legend says there have been ‘race to the general’ victories, but they’re not very common. Also, if you kill the general it’s pretty certain you’ve killed the captain as well. In sum, then 4 for the general, 6 for the two buildings, 3 more for the captain. 13 kills is about 270 honor. That’s minimum – I’ll get to that in a bit.

    The other win is to reduce reinforcements to zero. Each side starts with 600. Destroying a building removes 75. Killing a captain removes 100. Four buildings and one captain is 400, which leaves us 200. (Killing the general reduces the count to zero – game over, redux.) So other than the general, how do we get to zero?

    Every time you kill a player, you reduce the reinforcement count by one. Now, ponder that a moment. 200 kills. They’re going to be all over the field, of course, but provided you’re trying to stay in the thick of it — offense or defense — you’re going to share in a lot. In fact, we can guesstimate that at least 1/3 of the kills will be near you in this case. (If your team is winning while you yourself are on D, 2/3 of the kill will be out of range – but you’ll probably have plenty to do anyway.) 1/3 of 200 is approximately 66 kills. You’ll see diminishing returns. You’ll have to share with – oh, let’s swag it at 15 players. For a simple, easy to plan number… one point per kill. This means your worst case win – you lose all buildings and captain but save the general, you destroy two buildings and their captain, and you get them to zero reinforcements first, and it’s not a holiday – earns you 9 full kills plus 66 points. 254 points. You know what? That is close enough to the other win that we can call that our floor.

    An ugly victory in AV will earn you a minimum of 250 points. Add in additional kills (player, buildings, captains), your saved buildings and NPCs, the holiday bonus… 400 for a win is easy to achieve.

    That’s winning, what about losing? Besides everyone being AFK, I mean,which gets you zero. That one just flat depends. Again, 84 for the holiday. Purely on defense, stuck, getting no towers but keeping them off the general… 50 from killing attackers is quite possible. 100 isn’t out of reach. And a few on your side who managed to get past the chokepoint and take even one tower… another 60 or so. That makes the floor somewhere around 110, comparable to the working floor I gave WSG of 50. I’m going to swag points over time – some wins, some losses, both good and bad days – as around 175.

    So… WSG and AV take roughly the same amount of time. Excluding holidays, AV will earn you almost twice the honor WSG will earn.

    On WSG holidays, play the one you find more fun. At all other times, play AV. If, that is, you’re wanting honor points. The exception is if you intend to buy something from the WSG sponsors. If you need WSG tokens, grit your teeth and cap those flags, over and over.

    Oh, by the way. Remember that you get no WSG tokens for honor kills. If you’re grinding tokens, quit wasting time on the kills.

    Have fun.



    ~ by Kirk on February 13, 2008.

    3 Responses to “A Limited look at AV”

    1. Of course if your a horde player, all bets are off since (at least of Hellscream servers) the wait (que) time for AV is about 1 to 1.5 hours. Seems the alliance just doesn’t want to play AV anymore and I’m not sure why?

    2. Okay…why am I reading this on MONDAY instead of FRIDAY? Because my reader alphabetizes the blogs I read, starting with “A”. It’s time I fixed that, and moved some to a “Read these FIRST” folder.

      This is good stuff, as always, Kirk. I probably should have read it before writing my “casual strat” article. Ah well…we live and learn. 🙂

      BTW, DJ: I think the longest I’ve ever had to wait for a queue for any BG is less than 3 minutes, and I’m usually in during the first minute. And generally, both sides field a full raid. (Vengeance Battlegroup, I believe.)

    3. Kestel, I’m not sure of my battlegroup but are you Alliance by chance. Seriously, I’ve completely given up on getting in AV. It’s the joke of the horde chat channels at this point.

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