One more glimpse – 2.4 mana regen

Just for giggles, I spent my free time during the day seeing what I could reasonably change my spirit and int into, with various buffs, talents, and lower-than-kara / better-than-world-drop gear and gems.  Not so long ago I finished it, and then ran what my priest would look like.  The answer – the only answer that’s relevant for this discussion – is that my normal mana regen would be over 100 mana per second.

Please re-read that.  Not 100 per tick.  Not 100 mp5.  100 mana per second.  500+ mp5.

That’s my NORMAL – 70% IFSR, 30% OFSR during Kara/Gruul/SSC battles.  (Chromatic wonder flask, by the way.)

And worse?  I’d still be Int heavy for “ideal” mana regeneration.

I could go… really, I could practically go forever.

One point did come to mind.  Shifting for ideal mana regen makes one VERY vulnerable to mana burn.  And spell crit is a bit smaller than it could be.  Which means I bet this isn’t done much for Arena specs.  But for PVE?

Oh.  Dear.  Goo.  100 mana per second.

Have fun.

~ by Kirk on February 13, 2008.

One Response to “One more glimpse – 2.4 mana regen”

  1. […] yeah.  Mana Regen.  See, before the patch, 5% spirit and 5% int meant 5% faster mana regen and 5% more mana.  […]

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