This week’s holiday

Since I’m going to BGs more, I’m looking these up more regularly.

This weekend, Feb 15-17 2008, the holiday is in AV.  83.6 more honor just for being there when the game ends.

If you go, though, please do more.  You’ll get more even if you lose.  And if you contribute, you’re more likely to be on the winning side — for a LOT more points.


~ by Kirk on February 14, 2008.

One Response to “This week’s holiday”

  1. I do as much as I can.

    general points:

    you need that elite mount you’ve been talking about. It’s fast enough to take you out of range of most spells powerful enough to knock you off your horse.

    You can spirit run in AV – the isolated GY (snowfall?) is often a good staging point if you decide, on a whim, to switch from def to off.

    The AV trinket, though useless at 70 from a stat point of view, will teleport you back to the GY flag near your base. Worth binding to outfitter if, on a whim, you decide to switch from off to def. I think there’s a quest you need to complete to get it, though.

    Standing near your gy flag is an excellent rogue deterrent – shufty sideways and the npc flag defenders will persuade him (never seen an undead female rogue, oddly) to go find someone else to harrass.

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