Updated patch notes

As I stated before, Blizzard is adding changes to the PTR incrementally. What this means, in part, is that the patch notes need regular review because things will – in addition to changing – be ADDED. Today’s post is case in point. I’ve got a few things that caught my attention, and a few of those are worth passing on.

For example, you will be able to join AV as a party. Yep, no more, “everybody on the count of three – one – two – CLICK!” Expect more premades. So far there’s not cure for the “queue of eternal tedium” which seems to mostly wind up on the Horde side.

And… Chastise changed. It now is instant and a 2-second root instead of stun.

And… Power Infusion changes rather significantly. Instead of the current +20% heal and damage, it will be 20% spell haste. Still 15 seconds. My first thought was good for shadow bad for heal, but then… for 15 seconds of desperate madness, a greater heal every 2.4 seconds? hmmm….

And… Focused Will goes from 1/3/5% damage reduction to 2/3/4% – which seems to be happening to every class with this sort of talent. I’ve no clue why at this time.

And… on the subtle side, Silent Resolve now affects a lot of things it didn’t. The most obviously useful is Shackle Undead. Remember SR has two effects. The one everyone remembers is reduction of threat for holy and disc spells. Of significance here, though, is that the chance of it being dispelled is reduced. Tired of shackle breaking early? The fix is here.

One more, not a priest thing. The inn in Darnassus will finally have a mailbox – a point of long-standing personal annoyance. For those of you who’ve never dealt with it, hmmm. For alliance who’ve never been NElf, picture the city’s Hearthstone inn being the Blue Recluce. For DieHard Horde, picture Ogrimmar’s inn being located where the Ring of Valor is. Oh, and for both, there is only one mailbox – the one near the bank. Yes, this annoyed me a lot with my NElf characters. Almost as much as having to run up and down and across bridges as a priest in Thunderbluff.

There will undoubtedly be more changes, but those are the ones that have caught my eye AND I think worth passing along. I recommend reading the notes yourself – I KNOW I miss things, and further my interests are not yours. (What? FISHING DAILY QUESTS? YUMMMM, you say? bleah. – grin)

Go have fun.

~ by Kirk on February 20, 2008.

8 Responses to “Updated patch notes”

  1. Darnassus has an inn?

    Boo to PI… I think. I have bad lag (live a looong way from my servers) and doubt I’ll see the benefit so much; certainly not so much as PI & Hero charm (http://www.wowhead.com/?item=19950#comments) on a macro together; IMBA at 60ish, when I got it on a guild tribute run, & still a pretty good deal at 70.

    AV parties? Horde already dominate the circuit for eots, AB & wsg in my battlegroup… Eccch. We’ll see.

    Thanks for doing the hard work and have fun, yerself.

  2. While the PI change sucks for some teams, it’s amazing for my team… The thought of a 2.6 second mana burn and a 1.2 second Mass Dispel is too drool-worthy to imagine…

  3. err, 1.6 second mana burn even.

  4. Isin – 2.1 second mana burn and 1.05 second mass dispel. Before talents. Imp ManaBurn brings that down to… 70% of 2 seconds is 1.4 seconds. Mass Dispel… with FP you’re down to .35 seconds to cast and waiting for the GCD.

    Which is, again, subject to spell haste down to a max reduction of 1 second. In this case, 15 seconds of a 1.05 second GCD.

    And that, probably, is the Big Deal. 15 seconds with a GCD of barely above the new cap. 14 Flash Heals in 15 seconds.
    8 (count them – EIGHT, at 1.75 second cast time each with talent) Greater Heals is nice, but the GCD is what makes it great.

    This just made the Disc priest more popular for raids.

  5. I don’t think the SR/shackle change will stop early breaks, only breaks due to an NPC dispelling (er….priests @ moroes?….guess there’s more).

  6. Rob,

    Possible, seriously possible. Though I can never recall seeing any mobs dispelling shackle on a ‘friendly’ mob, which leaves me puzzled. Research, ho….

  7. Damn they killed the PI / Aoe pally tank combo. This combo made those aoe trash pulls in kara a joke… also were u debating which the imp PI helps more shadow or heals? Shadow priests can’t get PI without sac’ing shadowform

  8. Perhaps it would increase the viability of disc priests in pve, there are plenty of times I wish I my BM trinket would proc and I’d get hasted.
    Of course.. I guess it might help in pvp, maybe it would be harder to get spelllocked with hasted flash heals. Maybe not.

    But if they’re adding fishing dailies.. I hope they don’t remove the fish reward from the cooking quest. I use that to get all my sporeling and golden darter. If they take that away and make me level fishing instead I’ll be very unhappy. Yay more tedious grind.

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