Blame Matticus

Joy Hidden

Mallet to Ginger
versify healing aha
Ten visit Medivh

Flags cry out for attention
Ignored as gatherers summoned

Rudeness compounded
yet nobly transmuted as
Absent host all enter

Flashes and tones as candles burn
unacceptable green spreads

Past horses and grooms
Ancient love in need redeemed
Weren’t you on main tank?

Ethereal beauty so cold
laughter settles the traces

The huntsman remounts
and charges through nine ignored
All my world is bear

Harpsichord trips counterpoint
Ashes smudge a living mage

Shining chains of light
a prayer wafts over the din
rare clumsiness shames

Vices of virtue allayed
Holiness must be removed

Old age is lethal
and stopping young love can kill
red’s not my color

Never stopped to admire the view
only one’s life will save us all

A shadowy fiend
released when rest is sought and earned
ignore the bear, cure all

No need to keep control as
Madness takes its toll – who moved

Flashing zinging ball
and constantly renewed life
Water formed ignored

Cruel bond that swaps death and life
while we must save the darkdelver

The colors so pure
those most favored ignored
while we ebb and flow

a refreshing interlude
the flashing flurry surreal.

an afternoon game
no cherry blossoms drifting
simple joyous play

Here we stand or else we run
Focus, then answer what’s axed.

the tallest tower
echoes brightly shouts of joy
sun on cusp of day

A breath of hubris whispers
shall the ten go chastise gods?

Spousal call unheard
by all but one brings dawning
sleep and dream beckon

questing minds are satisfied
cloth and steel redeemed for gold

doorways fill the air
opening on lands far away
home, home for a day

The home of Medivh set right
Zingiber uncrushed still heals


OK, what the heck was that? Matticus got this Bright Idea for a ‘let’s all do’ idea for various blogazeroth contributors. “Hey, put your healing in a haiku,” he says. Now, you all have been reading me for a while and know short posts are not my thing. Still… wtf?

The preceding was a false renga. Renga? While the best answer is to have you go to the links and read, the short version is: Semiformal multiple author (more than 2, I means) poem of verses alternating 5-7-5 and 7-7 lines, with the current two popular lengths having the ‘classic’ 36 and ‘new’ 20 verses. OK, everything I just said is right like saying “A paladin is an armored priest” is right. Ponder that… yeah. As to false?

The biggest reason the above is a false renga is I am the sole author. Alts, multiple personalities, id-ego-superego, none of that counts. If Matticus ever springs something like this on me again, I’m going to demand he grab at least two other people and we do it right. Yes, I still blame Matticus. Anyway, this is what it is.

The major second flaw is that I’m not good, and have ‘skipped’ several of the ‘rules’ in construction. I just killed several hundred words that are better said at the two links I gave – if you’re interested, go there. If you KNOW rengu/renga – mea culpa.

Though it should be obvious, the haiku is the ultimately abbreviation of the form. It’s just the hokku – the first (and last, and whole) verse. Which connects the circle, which is why you too can blame Matticus.

Aaaand, a few footnotes.
Kara means joy.
Zhan is mostly a given name, but in a few places it means hidden.

If you haven’t figured out yet, this is a walk through Karazhan, mostly from the priest point of view. No loot discussed, though it was tempting.

And yes, annoying as it was, I had fun putting it together. Violation of rules and all.

Go have fun

[additional edit. It dawns on me most of you won’t catch the first part as it’s a bit of an inside joke. One of Matticus’s characters is Mallet. My main healer is Zingiber – latin for Ginger. Yes, there are a few more bits like that. These things are SUPPOSED to be filled with puns and twists – I didn’t do near enough.]

~ by Kirk on February 22, 2008.

5 Responses to “Blame Matticus”

  1. *whistles* Kirk, I never knew you had it in you! =D

  2. /applaud 🙂

    very nice.

  3. wow…

    can’t resist asking though:

    Rogue free dragon heals,
    Is this tacit admission
    BGs are too hard?

    (subscription on pause
    Gives more time to bombard blogs
    And level Haiku)


  4. […] Read the rest […]

  5. TY, TYVM.


    derriere is sore
    while frustration grows apace
    but rewards are nice

    (learning while playing
    educating while not wow
    ice and water are)

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