Boggle for the day

It used to annoy me, but it happens frequently enough I no longer notice – usually.  I’m talking about running a high-level character through a near-starting area only to have a quick /group (without even an opening tell).  I just click no and run – don’t even stop anymore to say why you should ask, first.  Last night, however…

Urtica is on the boat to Exodar – had to do a little back and forth as I decided it was time to powerlevel jewelcrafting at least to where I could cut some basic gems.  And on the same boat is this Nelf Rogue.  /group.  no.  /group.  no.  /group.  no.  /w “Dude, I just want you to take me to VC for a couple of runs.”

examine.  Level 11.

pause, while mind catches up with this version of reality.  OK, twink getting an early start, but still…

“Do I know you?”

“You do now.  So, rdy?”


click no.  /ignore.

And no, his name wasn’t chutzpah.


~ by Kirk on February 28, 2008.

One Response to “Boggle for the day”

  1. lol, I picked up tailoring at LVL 70, so have spent many short bursts running between the AH, mailbox and mana loom in Silvermoon city. Without fail, I get a lowbie following me around trying to group with me, or begging for money or free clothing!

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