So… arena plans, then

Yep, my daughter had a hankering for some arena play.  So you’ll be getting a bit of stuff on that front.  Not, however, priestly stuff – sorry, folks.  Here’s the plan, as always it’s written in soft soap so cope accordingly.

We’ll be a rogue/hunter team.  She’s subtlety and plans to stay that way.  I’m going to stay BM.

OK, major digression.  Choosing BM for arena is almost like saying, “I plan to level Disc,” as a priest.  Or maybe the hunter saying, “Leveling SV.”  It’s doable.  You get a LOT of learning.  But there’s a reason most don’t do it.  Other specs are better designed for that task.  Now, BM will work, and it’ll do ok.  If I were planning to be running for Champion of the Worlds, I’d look at MM.

I’m not that driven.  Also applicable… back to the plan.

Urtica is level 69.  Getting to 70 isn’t going to be that hard.  And I’ve got at least a week and a half before I do as the kid’s priority is homework and this weekend has a bit of ugliness to get finished – so not much there.  Between now and the start, then, I have two basic tasks.  1) reach 70.  2) get my “basic” entry gear.

ummm, let’s expand that.  For one thing, I need to do some research to decide what my ‘basic’ entry gear is going to be.  For another, I know some pieces and some facts.  For example, Urtica has been in one – count it, ONE – BG.  You do not earn enough honor in one BG to get the Critical Trinket.  So… in addition to getting to 70, need to mass-run BGs.  On the good side, the kid, while having a lot more honor, also needs more to get the trinket.  So she’s not waiting impatiently for me to catch up.

Second fact – a lot of the Really Good but not PVE stuff is in instances.  Which means I’m probably going to be joining a guild.  No Problem, really, except I’m one of those stupid honor-driven (not bg honor, personal) who thinks if I’m getting support for running instances for MY gain, I need to do stuff for the other side.  Which means Zingiber will be back, more.  Disc or Holy, of course, but still…

Blunt fact.  Our team (name and such still unselected) will enter the arena competition woefully undergeared and inexperienced.  I’m going to do as good as I can, but will be completely unsurprised to go 0/20.  Maybe get a few wins as we settle in the 1100 bracket for a while.  Oh, we’ll eventually come back – she’s really good, and I’m not bad.  But we’ll probably never break 1600 with any consistency — if we do, I’ll celebrate.

On the other hand, I intend to talk about it.  I’ll try to remember to log every battle – I think I’ve got it set up right as it is now, but we’ll see.  I’ll discuss tactics – plans, and changes, and what happened.  Thing is, this is a learning blog.  And even though it’s not PRIEST learning, it’s still learning.  And I expect to see more than a couple of priests, and will try to note things they did well or poorly that contributed to our defeat/victory.

Later – maybe tomorrow, certainly by the end of next week – you’ll get a “theory tactics discussion” from me.  One of my long-winded — sorry, longER-winded — pieces.  Basically, an attempt to build the base tactical plan for most if not all encounters.  Which will then drive a couple of minor tweaks in talent points.  But for now, you’ve got the outlines.

Have fun.

~ by Kirk on February 28, 2008.

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