Pain suppression, briefly

I’ve not been on much over the past few weeks, which is why so little writing.  Still, I did a bit the other day, and thought I’d bring a few things to attention.

Everyone will tell you that the discipline priest is a PVP spec, not a PVE spec.  While I think Disc is better PVP than holy, I’m less and less in agreement with the “not a PVE” spec.  I have to be smarter and faster, but so far I’ve kept up in everything I’ve run since respec.  That said, I’ve seen almost universal agreement that “pain suppression” has no use in PVE.  In a word – bah.

OK, let’s start with why the near universal agreement.  It’s the tank, stupid.  That is, everyone is examining this in light of the healer concentrating on the tank.  And if I stick to that focus alone, “they” have a point.  I mean, if everyone is pushing their dps and other aggro to the limit, a sudden plunge of 5% in the tank’s aggro is a bad thing for everyone else.  (Number two becomes George.  On the other hand, if you’re looking for a payback to that hunter’s habit of feigning death at inopportune times, here’s your chance.  Just watch the threat meter for the right time – say, slightly before FD has cooled down.  But I digress.)

Pain Suppression does three things.  5% reduction in aggro.  40% increase in damage reduction.  65% resistance to dispel mechanics.  All for eight seconds.

Everyone looks at the damage reduction.  And that’s nice.  But in PVE, it’s my secondary purpose.  The biggest use of this?

ANTI-George.  Fade for everyone else.  Especially for those who don’t have a aggro shedder, or who’ve burned theirs already.

Secondarily, it’s my assist for the end-of-battle go-nuts period.  The target can boost DPS by at least 5% with no repercussions – though if the boss is still up after 8 seconds we have a little problem.  Still, I love slapping a warlock or mage with Power Infusion, wait about 5 seconds, then slap this — about the time the boss hits that nasty, frustrating last 5%.  You all know that point.  The heartbreak zone, where all of a sudden the boss seems to get that extra defense and boosted damage, and we all wipe at 1 or 2 %.  Yeah.  Well, meet the counter.

If I’m 100% tank healer, it’s worthless.  But in a party of five, or if I’m NOT tank-heals in the raid, this is a really useful spell.  As usual, it works better if you communicate – let the warlock know, for example, that you’re going to PI-PS her at 5%, so feel free to, you know, get carried away…  (I’ve heard warlocks giggle over chat when this happens.  If they weren’t on my side, I’d worry.)

Go have fun.

~ by Kirk on March 26, 2008.

3 Responses to “Pain suppression, briefly”

  1. The extra use I’ve found that you can do directly on your main tank is juat before or as they pull a large group or a couple of heavy hitting mobs. -5% threat on an inital pull is negligible, in return it takes the edge off the healing until things get easier.
    Prior to the PI changes in 2.4 for Prot Paladins i would often PS then give them a PI to make up for it.

  2. I personally find pain supression to be one of the most useful PvE spells in all honesty. (I’m speaking about 5 man runs though) Lets say I’m running shattered halls and all of a sudden my prot paladin accidently agrroes a second group considering these are 5-6 man pulls at some points this usually would be a wipe for players. But lets say he immediatley agroes them and then starts AoE tanking like tankadins are meant to do. His health will drop FAST, but if you through a pain suppression on him then bubble him you then gain a chance to avoid the wipe.
    On a side note, I find the last two spells in the holy tree essentially useless. Circle of healing heals for such a small amount that spamming is the only way to have a use for it but its mana cost is too high for that to be useful. Light well is easily the most situational heal in the game. it DOES have uses but in general just takes up space on my action bar.
    Saying that disc spec isnt for PvE is just plain silly, it gives great anti wipe spells, more mana efficency and my favorite buff as a priest (divine spirit with imp divine spirit woot!!!!).

  3. I actually never considered the use of a PI/PS combination before reading this article. My guild currently is pushing through BT/Hyjal, while I currently am trying to figure out a very good argument to snag a raid spot as a Disc healer. Aside from the obvious use of I-DS, our current raid leader states everything below is just plain crap in PVE.

    Discipline is not a -main- Healing build to my understanding. Looking over the talents it is largely a support heal/dps build / dispel person build. Basically the person that takes care of dispels / disease / while giving “tie over” heals in between casts with Chain Heal, Greater Heal ect. OR mind flay / smite dps, though I personally prefer to view it as a support healing build.

    Pain suppression I have realized is a nice threat drop for those who either can’t/wont/too stupid to(but then again stupid people shouldn’t BE in the raid) use threat reducing abilities. A lot of our dps is threat capped and 5% more dps/damage is WORTH HAVING. Now I’m not saying -every- priest should be a disc priest. No, no. COH is just too useful for certain fights: Ie Hex Lord Malacrass in ZA. (Spirit bolts anyone ?) Discipline however if spec’d for more PVEness (ie not taking improved Inner fire/Focused Will) can be a decent Healing alternative. You can still heal, maybe not AS well as a holy priest, but currently I am theory-crafting stacking haste as a discipline healer. In WOTLK if things stay the same with priests as they are last I looked, Discipline will be like a Holy paladin but with better bubbles/hots/ aoe heal(prayer of healing/mending) . So basically single target healing with a spirit buff reflective bubbles, and if one should stack haste that would in turn grant faster cast times for heals,(faster “tie over” heals.)

    However in the better interest of the raid I will admit that anyone considering becoming a disc healer needs to have a solid raid position and job of dispel/curing as well as a guilded position that allows 100% attendance. A shadow priest can pick up dispels however, the loss of the spirit buff is a huge deal to holy priests rocking the COH specs. 25% of total spirit PLUS an additional 10% that’s 35% of healing based off how much spirit they currently have. 35% of your healing from one stat and this is only from a combination of priest buffs. Factor in the additional spirit from Blessing of Kings and Improved Gift of the Wild, The numbers should speak for themselves as far as priests are concerned.

    In closing, thank you for the combination idea and I hope what I have added to this will help anyone else struggling to make their case as a raiding Disc priest in T5+ content. (And my apologies for not going into the damage side. I personally am a healer at heart. )


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