An unexpected 2.4 benefit

Courtesy of Rav, who sent me a brief email, I point to another reason to consider Disc.  (Sheesh – all of a sudden it’s the Bees Knees?  No, it’s just that Disc was so secondary for so long that it’s worth noting when it gains.)

I present Enlightenment – in this case, 5/5.  Second highest option on the Disc tree, making it purely a Disc spec option.  So what’s the big deal?  Read it – +5% to stamina, int, and spirit.  Now, everyone knows that’s pretty good.  But as Rav pointed out – the new method of mana regen makes this a Big Deal.

Oh, yeah.  Mana Regen.  See, before the patch, 5% spirit and 5% int meant 5% faster mana regen and 5% more mana.  Now, you still get 5% more mana.  But you also get… it depends, but 7.5% more mp5 is attainable.

Which means a Disc priest who’s balanced stats decently and has both meditation and enlightenment maxed is potentially doing about 33% of mana regen in combat (before other toys, talents, and such come into effect).

Let’s put that into perspective.  If my regen from int and spirit is 400 mp5, my improved mp5 can be 430, which means my ‘natural’ meditation bonus goes from 120 to 129.  +9 mp5 at 100% combat.  More at my normal (70% IFSR) dance rate.  Folks, there is purple gear with worse regen rates.

It isn’t a huge thing, but if your “big deal” is mana, it’s another benefit to Disc choices.

Go have fun.

~ by Kirk on March 27, 2008.

2 Responses to “An unexpected 2.4 benefit”

  1. […] broke this news first courtesy of an email he received. Now I may be Asian but my math skills are T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E. […]

  2. For theorycrafters, here’s how I got those numbers:

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