Indefinite Hiatus

As you may have noticed, I’ve not posted much.  The reason is, well, I”ve not much to say on the topic.

I got bored with WoW, and haven’t been able to stay involved when I’ve logged on.

Now, I know darn good and well part of that’s because I haven’t meshed with another guild yet.  The one I’ve joined is good, and the other people are fun, but I just haven’t clicked.

A big part of THAT, of course, is that I’ve not gotten on.  You don’t play with people, you don’t develop a relationship.  It’s that easy.

But I’m getting sorta tired of Kara again…  And I can’t really work up the enthusiasm for ZA.  And as for Sunwell plateau – I think if I’d not hit it while I was tired – on two consecutive evenings – I’d have found it a lot more interesting.  Now, however, I’ve gotten it into my head as “more of the same, just tweaked”.

I’m also quite certain I’m not going to put in any more 12-20 hour weeks on the game for a while.  Three or four hours, once a week, sure.  That’s what I’ve been doing.  And that brought me up hard against another fact.  Bluntly, once you’ve hit 70 there’s not much story for the casual player.  Sure, it’s supposed to be MMP – you’re SUPPOSED to interact with a bunch of other players.  That’s the basic reason for the huge raids.  But I work and cook and have a few other interests and, well, there’s a limit.

And all I do at level 70 for two hours is pursue another quest or two.  Which means I’m done for a while.

Now the good news is I’ve been here before on other things.  It’s quite possible I’ll become interested again in six months or so.  It’s not WoW, it’s me – I’ve burned out.  So I’m not saying goodbye, just… later.  Heck, there are some good folk I’ve met who’s blogs I’ll continue to read for the pleasure of maintaining contact.

I just won’t be writing about WoW for a while.

If it’s not fun, don’t do it.

See you later, friends.


~ by Kirk on April 11, 2008.

11 Responses to “Indefinite Hiatus”

  1. /salute

    Thanks 🙂

  2. thanks for all you have written, enjoy the break.

  3. Sad to hear mate, hope to see some posts up again soon

  4. Sad day. You’ve helped me become a better player.

    Thanks and enjoy the break!

  5. I’ve enjoyed the read. Take care.

  6. Hope you’re back sooner rather than later, Kirk. In the meantime, I (and I know I’m not alone) appreciate the work and the love you’ve given Priests and priesting in WoW.

  7. Enjoy the break and I am sad to see you go for a while. Your posts have made me a better healer and player. Thanks for all you have done, and what you may still do.

    Take care, Kirk. Hope with see you again soon!

  8. o.O

    yeah, we all need a break sometimes. thanks for the great blog, I’ve definitely learned more than a few things from you.

  9. I’ve been visting MANY priest blogs sites for quite a while now and I must say Kirk, your’s is still my favorite. I’ve learned a lot more about my class because of your post and I want to thank you for that. Enjoy your time away from Wow and maybe we will seen you again when the LK expansion is released. Take care.

  10. What they all said.

    Thanks for the writing, Kirk. Have fun 😉

  11. I’d say start a new character on a brand new server, maybe even a class you though you’d never play. And after you do, play him/her slowly and a small bit every day. Don’t rush to level.

    I got tired oh my level 70 even without doing too much raiding. So I actually started a priest, a class I thought I would never play. It’s fun.

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