This time I mean it

Yeah, said I was going away for a bit.  And I’ve still not played.  And yet this is the best place…

I was playing with the wii last night.  And I realized… I really, REALLY wanted to play WoW on the Wii.  Wand and nunchuck.  Button combination plus HOW YOU MOVE to cast a spell/technique.  Oh, you get the idea.

Now I admit, the reason is enhanced for me given I play on a projection screen.  There’s nothing like standing or sitting 10 feet from an 8 foot wide screen.  And I suspect I’d be not so enamored if I played on a large screen instead of a 10×13 laptop.  Still, the potentials…

Go have fun…


~ by Kirk on April 16, 2008.

One Response to “This time I mean it”

  1. Now Kirk… you know that exercise like that isn’t good for gamers…

    Still, think of the fun if you had a game mat on the floor for changing facing to go with it.

    I want to see these ‘leet’ mouseturning, thousands of keybind PvP jerkoffs show their skills when they have to physically choose their abilities with the offhand, attack with the maindhand wand, and change facing/move fast/ jump with a gamepad on the floor.

    You da man, Kirk. Take care.

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