Da Bulls

So, I came out of retirement to run with the, sorry, Da bulls on Cenarion circle.

It was a blast, even if I was an idiot.  Yes, an idiot.  I ran the route, and a bunch of shortcuts, before the race.  And found out there was some ugliness in taking them.  but come the day of the run, I followed part of the crowd…

level one should not swim in the lake south of the Undead City, for there are frenzies.  And Murlocs.  And then there are bears and lions and spiders (oh my).  Add in that the graveyards are SOOO far away from each of those dying places…

Oh, congratulations to the winner  – who I regret I cannot recall, other than it started with … Sov..?  Compliments to Ratshag and BRK for a fun event.

The bulls continued their stampede to ironforge, and perhaps points further.  I was being told, in real life, by my wife, “Feed me.  Now.”  So… it was fun.  I’ll watch for another chance to run.


~ by Kirk on May 3, 2008.

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