back, a little bit

OK, I think I’ve slipped the burn-out.  On the other hand, you won’t get so much inspired high-level math and discussion.

The way I’m going to beat the boredom is a complete break.  No, not a rogue – tried, can’t stand playing it, shrug.

Horde druid on a PVP server.  Named him Zingiber, again, which means I’ll have TWO characters with that name running around.  Hopefully it won’t confuse most folk, much.  Anyway…

Yesterday, when I started Zingiber, something really, really odd happened.  Two Alliance tried to raid Bloodhoof.  Yes, I said tried.  Level 16 mage and rogue.  For what it’s worth I was smart enough to not run my level 4 under the guns.  And the level 16s still got lots and lots of bodies strewn about as folk who didn’t realize the pain of level difference flagged in the hopes that quantity had a quality all its own.

The two alliance did fairly well, actually.  Most of the Bloodhoof guards are close enough in level to be, well, well within range of careful play.  The problem is some folk flying into Thunder Bluff decided to come see what the fuss was about.  Remember the quality/quantity of 4-9 vs 16?  Two 16s vs any number of 30+ is bad.  When a level 70 warrior drops in and decides to fight naked…

It was, I assure you, hilarious.  And I don’t feel bad about the 16s – they weren’t really being ganked given they set up the situation themselves.

Meanwhile, I ended the short playing period at level 6.

~ by Kirk on May 7, 2008.

One Response to “back, a little bit”

  1. After moving to Kael’thas, I found renewed interest in the game with a new race, a new profession, and an old class. I love playing my lowbie BM, engineering, Dwarf Hunter and have really enjoyed my little herbing, alching, flowerchild druid.

    I don’t know, end game just isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, in my opinion.

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