I’m young, I can change…

yep, I’m past burnout.  And trying hard to avoid running into the cycle again.  So I’d thought and thought about my decision – what to play.  After all, picking the right thing is, well, critical.  Thus, a Tauren druid.  Who is, at this instant, 9.

I’ve no qualms about my choice of race.  I’d done so much alliance over the past year or so that I’d forgotten much of the Horde stuff.  That, combined with the various patches, meant all the leveling would be fun – STORY!!!!.  Yes, it matters to the casual player like me.

Deciding on Tauren was a bit harder.  Undead was out – sorry, I just can’t have fun playing that race, even though it’s got a LOT of advantages.  Orc, Troll, Tauren, each had – HAS – its appeals.  Two things clinched the race for me.  First, and lesser, is that I decided I’d stick to my favorite two professions – herbalism and alchemy.  That +15 for herbalism locked the choice.  The second reason was the class I chose.

I was dithering between three things.  Warrior, Druid, and Shaman.  The warrior and druid were for the most simple of reasons – I really think I will make a good tank.  I’m naturally bossy, and detail oriented enough that it’d make the difference.  I’ve THOUGHT about marking, enough to know my preferences as a tank and party leader.  So warrior and druid.  Shaman, on the other hand, has always teased at my attention.  “Oh, this could be fun,” I think.  And then off to play a hunter or priest I go.  Well…

I decided I’d go tank.  I think at the VERY high end warriors are better tanks due to their ability to be (functionally) uncrushable.  Till then – and even for most of Kara – a Druid is as good in raw numbers.  And cheaper.  And it’s always got the fallback for Cat, or tree if I suddenly decide I really want to heal.  And as a final note, warriors are so blinking expensive to level – gear matters, period.

And then Dagashai goes and rattles my cage.  If I were even above 15 it’d be not so much a deal.  But ooooo, that sequence and tale make it soooo tempting to change.  Besides, the more I think of the fact I’ve named ANOTHER character the same, the more I think I should stop the opportunity for confusion before it’s too late.

Only level 9.  Only a handful of hours invested – a pittance, compared to what’ll be needed to reach 70.  I can change if I want…

Do I want to tank, or DPS, if/when I get to 70?   mutter, mutter….

Go have fun.  I’ll pick based on that, myself.


~ by Kirk on May 8, 2008.

One Response to “I’m young, I can change…”

  1. I hope you enjoy the game again! 🙂

    Oh, and who said that leveling a warrior is expensive? Here’s a guy who didn’t waste much gold leveling: http://forums.wow-europe.com/thread.html?topicId=17702127 😛

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