Brief update – continuations and habits exposed.

So, my daughter decided to get on the PVP server with me. And lo and behold I shall still write of priestly things, for she is a Troll priest.

I dumped Zingiber, and restarted a druid. Level 8 – big deal, just mail what little I had to Primulaveris, and start anew, and get the stuff mailed from there. I will NOT do without bags when I have the chance. In fact, that’s probably my biggest frustration with new characters – bag space. money – eh, no big deal. Kill things, and use a gathering profession. Primulaveris, level 13, has almost 2 gold.

The new character is Pelatior. And I’m tired enough I have to explain.

See, all my characters are named for latin herbs. But for these two, well, my bad habits slipped out. Primula Veris and P(rimula) Elatior. Google them. You can hunt me down later – I’m on a PVP server.

~ by Kirk on May 10, 2008.

One Response to “Brief update – continuations and habits exposed.”

  1. lol Cowslip, for taurens. Far more clever than all the meat cut names you see running around.

    Just need to join the guild 😉

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