For now, the shaman

So, I decided to run with Primulaveris, my Tauren Shaman.  Did a little reading, did a little pondering, and ran up to 11.  And encountered the reason I stopped playing last time.

Dear Goo, I hate that totem quest.  Especially since I decided to not use one of “guides” out there.  That may change if this happens again…

For those who haven’t had the pleasure, you CAN get this quest at level 10.  And in fact that’s what I did.  As a cow, I picked it up from the shaman trainer in bloodhoof.  And your first step is find the next being in Barrens.  Your hint, if you’re Tauren, is “a compound north of Crossroads.  if  you’re reached the night elves, you’ve gone too far.”  I missed the turn, and checked every single little house north of crossroads, all the way up to the barrier.  Welp, too far, let’s go back and explore some side territory.  If you’re level 10, level 16 beasties are worrisome.

Until i remember I’m not a priest.  Gah, that’s hard to remember.  If i do things right i can kill the level 16.  Remember to toss a totem.  Lightning shield up all the time, and a boost on my weapon.  Oh, did the “ghost howl” quest (nice little story, I’d forgotten about it) so have an ok weapon for my level anyway.  And as a herbalist/alchemist, the stuff sells for crap at this level, but as I said in another post about enchantments, you’re silly not to use it.  +50 to armor, +2 strength, elixirs.  Keep my minor healing – and later tonight my regeneration – potions ready to hand, and… He LIVES!

Still, running the length of barrens, only to come halfway back and find the place.  Then run to Durotar (south), climb the twisty tangly road up the mountain, back down and run to Razor Hill and start hunting for the cave… oh, dear lord.  I got lucky, eventually.  Another shaman saw me and asked if I was on the quest.  Yes, and he led me to the cave.  If he hadn’t, I’d have been another… I wouldn’t have found it tonight, and may have given up on the stupid character.  Anyway, then it’s another run back to barrens to get an easy drop, and back up the twisty windy road, and finally back to the farmer or whatever he is.

Five hours to get from level 9 to 11, most of which was doing this quest chain.  And all I got was a lousy fire totem.  Oh, I’d forgotten about that.  Attacks any enemy in range.  When you’re soloing this is a bad thing.

Sigh.  Anyway, as I said, I’ve been pondering.  I’m going to be experimenting based on things written and already discovered.  My first seven points are identified.  5 in… forgot the talent, but it increases my mana pool by 1% per step.  Then four (not the fifth, yet) in Thundering strikes.  And level 19 and 20 each get the improved ghost wolf.


Dagashai pointed it out, as it was pointed to him.  Zero cast time for the form.  At +40% speed that’s a nasty closing move.  Against other melee types that’s not quite such a big deal, but against the ranged and casters… lovely.  Load up rockbiter on the weapon (because it carries into the bite attack, unlike many other weapon spells), target with attack, change, close, drop form, drop totems, shock.  I will need to play with some macros and a bit with some of the buffs – I’ve discovered from reading that SOME won’t carry through the form.  But macros being macros and the drop form being pretty much no GCD… hmmm, I may put shock before totems.

Yep, lots of theory work to be doing.  whee.  (No, that’s not sarcasm.)


~ by Kirk on May 10, 2008.

4 Responses to “For now, the shaman”

  1. Oh boy! If you liked the fire totem quest you will just *love* the water totem quest! If I read this correctly you’re on a PVP server, in that case the difficult parts will be getting to Tarren Mill in Hillsbrad Foothils and the Ruins of Stardust in Ashenvale. Don’t let that one quest put you off shaman though.

    I also had trouble finding the cave north of Razor Hill until I remembered I had stumbled across itonce before while mining on another character.

    I find that Earth Shock is a great ability to use against casters since it stops casting. If I interupt their cast then the casters usually charge me anyway.

  2. Yes, PVP. Oh, joy, Ashenvale AND Hillbrad. I suppose it could be worse. Say, a jaunt to northern Darkshore.

  3. Congrats on your Shaman.

    If I may offer a suggestion: give consideration to the Shield Specialization talent. Neither talent is particularly good, but shield spec. is a little more beneficial for those clutch situations when you need to survive a beating. (“Oh, rats. 3 mobs guarding the prisoner up there. Time to strap on a shield.”)

  4. Did they change Ghost Wolf? I mean, aside from the second off the cast time. Now, back when I was testing its limits was way back around patch 1.5 or so, but back then the only difference between an auto attack in Ghost Wolf and one outside it was the animation. You even got skillups, which surprised me when I discovered later that druids don’t.

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