Running in circles

That’s pretty much all I did yesterday, for the two or three hours I was on.  I’ve tried very hard to avoid wowhead or thottbot to locate various quest points, just use the info from the quest itself, or the occasional serendipitous gift of someone else speaking up.  It’s been a pain, frankly.  The only good thing is that I do a LOT of grinding on my way.  For the first while in Barrens, it’s no different than it was before Taujaro got its flight point — still run for miles and miles for a few kills, only to be told upon your return that you had to go right back to the same area for more kills.  Hours of running, killing everything in your path…

On the other hand, I’ve re-acquainted myself with Barrens Chat.  sigh.  I remember, while working heavily upon my alliance characters, the honest discussions of how the alliance picks up all the children and it’s the horde that has the adults, and that’s why the alliance has various problems.

Balderdash.  The stupid, it burns – on both sides of the divide.

Primulveris made level 14 last night, for what it’s worth.  And had his first chance at a PVP fight which, after thought, I declined.  Something screwy in my mind about a level 12 that close to Crossroads – it’s south of the only quest that MIGHT have drawn him there (can’t remember the name, think it’s too high for a 12 anyway, but it’s go kill the warlock on top of one of the mountains).  So I watched, killing some mobs, and was rewarded when a trio of level 20s jumped the 12 — only to see a half-dozen skulls (to me) come popping out of stealth.  Night Elves, gotta love them.  And… I’ve got to admit to some worry about whenever I’ve got to get into the 20+ zones.  My last experience was trying to level a priest on PVP, so hopefully I’ll be happier with an attack type character…

~ by Kirk on May 12, 2008.

One Response to “Running in circles”

  1. The st00pid? It do indeed burn. There is no escape, other than turning off the channels.

    I’s recently started me first member on a PvP server. It will be interestings ta see how it goes. Lucks to ya, Kirk what still needs a nickname!

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