Greed Kills

Look, I’ve known this for years.  In every wargame I’ve ever played, the rule stands.  You die when you try to get that one bit extra.  You have what you need, but you want…  oh, crap.

So last night, I learned the lesson again on Primulveris.  Four deaths at level 16, just ALMOST had it…

I was collecting turtle shells in one of the oases in the Barrens, when I spotted Gesharahan.  20 rare hydra with good drops (I looked it up later).  He surprised me the first time – I was at half mana and health – and I still got him down to half before he killed me.  Little did I know that I had been lucky.  Three intentional rezzes and I never got him as low regardless of setup.  On the other hand, this persuaded me to examine myself – a bit of theorycrafting at low level never hurts, does it?

Holy crap, most of my gear is for below level 10.  I’m level 16.  Now, I never advocate buying gear to stay cutting edge unless it’s more than 10 levels below you, but I’m still violating several rules here.  I’m wearing a couple of level 6 pieces – and my mace is “only” level 8.  I’m using my potions, but haven’t enchanted anything — and I know better than that.  (Enchanters are always looking for the opportunity to build.  Find a low-level, offer even a few coppers or a silver, and they’re MORE than happy.  It beats the heck out of casting that spell on the same bracer for the 20th time…)  “Looking for enchanter for low-level enchants.”

So, I figure I’ll do a little maintenance – up the level 6 stuff, get some basic (chest and bracer, maybe minor striking on weapon) enchants, that sort of thing.  And then … see if greed still kills.  Come to think of it, maybe I’ll add a couple of levels before I come back.  It’s personal, but there’s no reason I have to be stupid about it…


~ by Kirk on May 13, 2008.

One Response to “Greed Kills”

  1. (Note: I assume you’re enhancement). Have you played much on a melee character before? They’re unfortunately very expensive to level, since they’re almost completely defined by their gear. Where a shadow priest could throw on any old Owl and Whale gear and do just fine, your shaman will probably want to hit the AH every 2-4 levels at least. Keep your Strength in tip top shape, or your killing speed will soon become unbearable. If you come across a decent blue weapon for cheap, you probably want to grab it. Unlike a caster, you don’t power up at the class trainer, you power up at the auction house.

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