Oh, yeah – pvp

Yep, I definitely spent too much time on PVE. And the first couple of zones being protected didn’t help much, not even seeing the occasional raid on the crossroads (or even bloodhoof). No, I had to remind myself the hard way.

Everybody’s second zone has a quest or two to kick you into the next higher zone — or zones. Usually requires running something to a point or two within the zone, which will just happen to put you close to the flight path for that zone. No big deal. On PVE servers, I used to take this around level 16 or so just to stretch the legs – that was high enough to not pull all the mobs from waaay off the road, and a little basic watching would allow me to stop to let those mobs on or near the road move away. No big deal – on PVE.

Dalvengyr is PVP. sigh.

I took the quest to run orders into Ashenvale – one to the Splintertree outpost, one to the riding patroller who goes to the Azshara border, and one to the small outpost on the Zoram coast.

The trip to Splintertree was… just like PVE. Not a single alliance player seen. (Not surprising. The distance is so huge that nobody travels that leg regularly on the alliance side – one long run to the camp in the northeast and nevermore.) Same deal for the run to find the outrider – though I recall players even on PVE killing that npc ‘just for fun’.

Then it’s across Ashenvale to the far coast. I’d already realized I had to get off the road at some point – the Alliance town is unfriendly to my sort. So I was off. Bored. Not checking a single thing. Yep, a 17 Tauren in a blind run.

My first encounter was with an over-40 mage. (Mounted, that’s how I know). That death was surprisingly slow. Truth to tell I think I surprised the mage, but once that was done a couple of quick spells finished the tale. An annoyance, and one of the reasons I left PVP way back when, was the post-battle act. I know folk get a charge out of /spit and other insults. It still annoys me. I’ve written down the player’s name, and rather hope the time comes when we’re of equal level.

The second encounter was with a group. Sure, they were 23-27 – not that much better – but… I at least got off a totem and a shock. sigh. Thankfully, they didn’t hang about to brag of their kill.

Third encounter was a pair of skulls. I’d guess in their 30s – who runs when they can ride, after all. Again, a swift kill.

Fourth death was from a mob. I tried to hide off the road, and found a couple of big spiders.

Fifth, and last, death was from a hunter. Level 23. Funny thing – I really thought he was going to bypass me – a live-and-let live player. See, I circled, and so did he, and as I kept an eye on him he kept going. I only watched for a bit – to see if he’d keep going. He must have turned around JUST as I quit looking, because it was only a short time after that the stupid pet hits me. Wolf, no big deal, but suddenly I’m behind the battle curve. I tried to shake the wolf with a slowing totem – needed the room to get myself out of the mess I was in, but it resisted, and a couple more shots from the hunter finished the tale.  And… another bit of assholery.  Add a second player to my list, only this one is within range.

With that in mind, I spent a few hours dueling, and pondering some basic rules for PVP servers as a usually solo player. (My druid will almost always be with my daughter’s priest.)

Rule 1: Always pay attention. I need to play with some camera macros. I know of one that works nicely – keybind the ‘reverse camera angle’ to a button. But I need to get the camera and direction of movement disconnected but able to rejoin at a button or two. Know it’s there, just a bit of research.

Rule 2: DO NOT go into the next level till AT LEAST the minimum for that level. I won’t be back to Ashenvale till I’m at least 20, preferably 22. Yes, it means really boring quests and grinding. And it won’t help against the group and the skulls. But there’s a difference between being totally at the normal traveller’s mercy and being only at the mercy of those ‘just passing through.’

Rule 3: Practice more.  Hit some BGs, never mind the twinks, just for the practice of multiples.  And some more duels as well.  No more easy meat, forgetting which button (great for mobs) isn’t so good for the player.

Oh, well, I’m still having fun.  You do the same, ok?


~ by Kirk on May 16, 2008.

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