Short list

Let’s see.  I took of my “professional” label at work to change a crapload of flourescent light bulbs, put it back on to answer various reference questions and do a little computer updating and configuration.  Came home, did some gardening, worked some more on killing bamboo –

The answer to “how do you kill bamboo that’s planted in my yard” is “Kill the people who planted it.”  In the meantime, fight a holding action by killing it every single time it surfaces.  Anyway..

Did some cooking, babied my sick wife (as much as she’d let me), lost a wedding ring (still not found), …

Oh, and by the way, leveled Primulaveris to 20.  Learned some things, and think I have lessons to pass along,

But I’m going to spend huge chunks of time trying to figure out where in there I lost the ring, and see if I can find it, and being annoyed at its absence.  19 years Monday, you’d figure by now the thing would just be embedded in the skin.

~ by Kirk on May 17, 2008.

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