Another totem quest

Wow.  I know some folk warned me, but … wow.  It’s a wonder anyone stays a shaman.

Four hours of back and forth and back with interruptions.  Go here, talk, go there, talk – oooh, a kill – go there….

The trip to Tarren’s mill was interesting.  I got there just as an Alliance raid arrived.  Impromptu, I’m sure, with much dashing and killing.  ghost wolf in the trees… I survived, waited for the mobs to rez, and finished.  Waitaminute, why did I wait for a rez?  To make sure the skulls were gone.

The fountain in south Ashenvale was a tiny bit more difficult.  A level 20 shaman can kill a level 24 elemental.  One.  Not two — and I kept having to weave my way.  PVE skills to the rescue.

Finally got it, though.  The Water totem is mine.  Mwuhahahaha.  (HoTs are good.   It’s  not as good as what Zingiber can do, but level 70 vs level 20, and the level 20 killing freely…)

Oh, the best thing about the quest?  As I finished, I made 21.  Woot.


~ by Kirk on May 18, 2008.

2 Responses to “Another totem quest”

  1. Congratulations! As for why anyone stays a shaman, the reason is simple – from here on it’s all gravy! Shaman is absolutely the best grouping class.

    Incidently you get gifted the air-totem at level 30 so the worst quest is over.

  2. Ah, the 20s. These are the levels where you learn exactly how each class sucks. Be patient, learn lots, and keep your gear updated every level or two. It gets better at 30, promise.

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