And more PVP lessons

The next rule – make it a corollary to situational awareness – is watching your own PVP flag. sigh.

So I was grinding along in The Barrens. Which should be as safe for a Tauren as Dun Morogh is for Dwarves. Speaking of dwarves, I met a level 29 rogue last night. In the barrens. Who proceeded to let me know I was flagged.

Several times.

Quite nice about it, actually. No spitting or rude gestures, just, “Name looks pityingly upon your corpse.” sigh.

No, no challenges about some trick or hack making me flagged. I’ve seen the ways it can happen far too often.  In this case, I’d just run into a rare – or was it an elite? – in the dwarven dig in the south.  Whichever, most of them tend to flag a player.  Now, I forgot about that, so it was my own darn fault — I spotted the rogue before he spotted me, noted the level difference (21 v 29 is a good reason to leave them alone), and then, well…

Starting around level 25 or so I expect this rule to not matter — I’ll be working in gank zones anyway.  (Contested zones, low enough level that the people who are in it just to kill, honor points optional, harvest happily.  Hillsbrad and STV and to some extent Arathi and Ashenvale.)  Still, it’s a lesson of which to beware.

Have fun.


~ by Kirk on May 20, 2008.

3 Responses to “And more PVP lessons”

  1. Just wait until you go questing in Hillsbrad…

    I still scream “Remember Hillsbrad!!” as my rallying cry. That whole “Battle of Hillsbrad” quest chain is simply painful.

  2. sigh. Hillsbrad and STV are what drove me from PVP shortly after I began. I tend to play solo – not really because I want to, but because my playstyle at the lower levels doesn’t tend to mesh well with others. (I enjoy the journey, like to explore areas and storylines even if they’re slowing down my leveling. “Darnit, Kirk, come ON ALREADY.”) I became convinced Nesingwary was a horde shill, paid to tempt lowly Alliance priests to their inevitable doom.

  3. I tried to post this comment on the earlier PvP post but it didn’t seem to stick, maybe I didn’t click submit…

    What I’ve done on a couple of characters is to move to another races low level uncontested zone to add a few levels. For example as a Tauren you might do Silverpine Forest as well as the Barrens. That should ease the pain of entering the contested area a little and it’s more entertaining than simply grinding mobs.

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