I’m still a priest

I don’t have one rolled on this pvp server, and haven’t played my 70 in… weeks, at least.  But I discovered last night I’m still a priest – a healpriest – in instinct.

An ad-hoc group formed for a rough quest, and we hammered through things.  Things suddenly got nasty, and I…

I, the enhancement spec shaman, working HARD on melee, popped without hesitation into heal-mode.  Of course, the shaman heals are notoriously inefficient, so it drained my mana without much success, but level 22 and I instinctively started thinking of mana management and the 5 second waltz and…

Level 22 Tauren shaman, and I’ll continue leveling Primulaveris thank you very much.

Level 8 Tauren druid, planned as tank, working with my daughter’s troll priest (going healy).

And as of a little bit ago, a Blood Elf priest. Ipallida (Impatiens Pallida – Pale Jewelweed).  Female – the only female I have on this server, but I just can’t handle the look of the male blood elves (and besides, everything for the priest is a dress anyway…).  We’ll see if I actually do anything with her, but I recognize instinct…

~ by Kirk on May 21, 2008.

2 Responses to “I’m still a priest”

  1. Sounds fun, let me know how you are enjoying your shaman!

    Oh yeah, I won’t hold it against you because you’re horde, haha

  2. I have the same instincts when playing my druid. I’m supposed to be the tank, but if my shammy partner pulls aggro, I find it very easy to toss a heals.

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