A Pause

It is Memorial day here in the US.  As a military veteran, with friends and distant kin still serving, I think I’ll refrain from WoW for just a moment to do a brief reflection.

Those who serve are not noble.  They are not saints, but our fathers and daughters, sisters and sons, who have chosen for reasons good and ill to place their lives in our hands, and to do, if so called, violence in our names.  Some pay the ultimate price, some wait but are never called.  I said they are not noble, for such a label is too crass.  They have offered to lay down their lives for us – is our life truly worth such sacrifice?

On this day, we shall remember those who wear and have worn the uniform of our nation.  We will have a kind word, perhaps do a deed that acknowledges the fee they offered, paid or not.  Yet I ask more.  I ask that you make of your life a good worthy of such price.  It will not take much, probably.  Just, please, more than a pause to remember on this day.

We remember.  Let us not forget.

For those my brothers and sisters who preceded and followed me in my own service, I offer my thanks, and lead those able in toast to those we shall join soon enough.

Absent friends.

~ by Kirk on May 26, 2008.

2 Responses to “A Pause”

  1. As was pointed out privately, this may have been a more appropriate message for Veteran’s day. After all, the purpose of the holiday is to memorialize our dead. Note made. I don’t tend to differentiate the two, but that’s me.

  2. This is a message worth posting any day, be it the correct holiday, the incorrect holiday, or just another Monday.

    /salute all who serve

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