Of mice and men…

The best laid plans… OK, so I was wanting to level PVP and I had this five man and…

Last night I got a call.  “Please, please, get back on Zin [my healpriest]”  mutter, mutter – doncha know I was burning out?  Still I did so, and while it was “only” a heroic run, it was a blast.  Though I am woefully out of practice.  And since I’m on a new computer my macros were gone, and many buttons weren’t where they belonged, and I was FRANTIC in trying to keep the basics of “tank, then me, then thee” in process.

As I was finishing, I got another message – two of the five have decided to do “something different”.  And the third was only sorta going along, so he’s not there.  My daughter likes to play with/near me, though she’s got plenty of calls herself for both her main (healadin) and her primary alt (rogue).

And then it capped with the gm of the guild to which I’m sorta connected having a “play or leave” talk, and I realized I’d like to play.  so…

Back to the PVE server.  I’ll do at least one night of raid a week on my healpriest – who is at this instant WAY behind everyone else in the guild, but will probably catch up.  I’ll do some work with my 70 hunter.  And I’ve decided to take my 40 warrior and go ahead and push upward with the intent of seriously learning to tank.

And by trying to keep things that small, I’ll try to avoid burnout.

Did I LIKE my shaman? Oh, yes.  PVP?  Yep, this time, when I could give as well as take (shamans vs healpriests…).  Druid?  Yep, pretty nifty.  Will I do them again some time?  Probably.

But I work 40 hours a week.  And there’s a decent chance I’ll be moving to a job slot that’ll require 60 a week for a month or two – if not, I’ll have the pleasure of a 45 minute commute (sigh).  And I still do my martial arts two or three nights a week, and I love my wife and want to see her more than a bit (and she does not like WoW), and I’ve got to do house and yard maintenance, and… yeah, you get the deal.  WoW is just a bit down on the list.

So I’ll be doing priest, again.  With occasional interruptions for other stuff.   Sorry for those who were waiting with bated breath for me to cross the next shaman quest threshhold – I was kind of interested in doing it myself, still am, but not… soon.

I’m going to go have fun.  You all do the same.

~ by Kirk on May 28, 2008.

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