Bright Gold

The hardest thing about writing this one was deciding upon a title.  Pardon, please, that it doesn’t fit.

See, Zingiber did her first visit to the Isle yesterday, and did another today.  And two absolute truths came out.

First, the next time I hear a level 70 whine about no money, I’m going to laugh in their face.  Second, the reason Blood Elves are so nuts is that they can’t sleep with all the bright colors everywhere. Sheesh.

Yeah, the second thing was kind of silly.  But even for Blood Elf areas, the Island is BRIGHT.  Even the scar seems well-lit compared to, well, just about everywhere in Outland.  That said, it’s the first thing that really needs attention.

Holy crap, people.  We are now allowed up to 25 Daily quests per day.  You can do a dozen in an hour or two just on the isle, and they’re so easy… I, a holy priest, knock out that dozen in an hour or two.  120 gold an hour is NOT chicken feed.

Those dps sorts could probably do pretty close to all 25 (assuming they don’t do the fishing and cooking quests) in a couple of hours.  That’s about 250 gold all by itself, every day, rain or shine, with surprisingly little effort.  Oh, and one shouldn’t forget that along the way you’ve the normal trash and green and cash drops from most of the mobs you kill.  Probably enough to pay for the armor repairs for most of us and have money left over.

Out of money?  It’s your own darn fault.  I don’t think there is any grinding spot – nothing anyone wants to buy – that will produce as much money as swiftly.  if you’re needing mats and such, well, that’s going to be different.  But if it’s money, this is your first route.

If you are level 70, quest.  Then and only then, farm or craft or play the AH or…

Money for nothing, indeed.

Have fun.

~ by Kirk on May 31, 2008.

9 Responses to “Bright Gold”

  1. I recently started doing them as well. Between my three 70’s I was able to pull down 5500 gold in 10 days by selling all greens, prospectings from ore, and mats. It’s almost like they’re givin’ it away!


  2. On most servers, the introduction of the new dailies was accompanied by an across-the-board increase in prices, meaning farming still wins out. Server economy permitting, it’s entirely possible to pull in 300g per hour doing any of a number of things. The clear advantage of dailies over farming, though, is that there’s enough flavor and variety that you don’t want to claw your eyes out after an hour or two.

  3. Jess, yes there was some increase, but at least on my server not near as much as would be implied by what dailies bring to the table.

    I think there are a few reasons for this. First, of course, there’s the fact that these aren’t the first dailies, but an expansion of what was already available. And there’s the fact that some stuff that SHOULD be valuable… isn’t. Netherweave and greens come to mind (sigh).

  4. There’s a supply and demand reason for that. Greens are fairly plentiful, and temporarily useful at best (they’re easily replaced with quest or dungeon blues at high levels). Netherweave literally POURS into your inventory if you play in outland. After leveling tailoring to 375, creating 4x 18-slot bags for all my alts, and collecting a surplus stash of 150 bolts, I’m now at the point of dumping all new cloth via bandage+vendor. That pretty much explains the price right there.

    Primals, on the other hand, are used by all high-level professions but are hard to come by unless you spend time specifically farming them. That makes them a much better economic indicator in my opinion, and by most accounts their price has gone up pretty consistently on most servers.

    Ultimately, I see dailies as being about consistency (you always get the same amount), convenience (you get cash instead of goods), and enjoyment. Barring a completely deflated economy, farming is still king of raw wealth/hr.

  5. /nod

    Excellent points. Thank you, Jess.

  6. Zing I need your number crunching theorycrafting abilities when you get a chance please. Thanks give me a holler in game.

  7. Yes, the money you can get from dailies now makes it easy to build up gold quickly without much effort. Now we just need something for all the lowbie beggars.

  8. :*( oh dear. Even the holy priests can do the dailies quicker than me. I’m about 4 quests in 45 mins. Tree have no fear you know. The naga want to gank us. And the undead rogues..

  9. Badb, don’t be sad. “Even a holy priest” is, in this case, very well geared. When Kara was an adventure instead of a farm, I’d have been in the same boat.

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