I’m going to be exiting WoW soon, and find I have several posts to write because of it.  Yesterday’s was one – a base for several things yet to come.  so…

As some of you may have noticed, I tend to emphasize that this is supposed to be fun – if it’s not fun don’t do it, and go have fun being a couple of common tag-lines.

If you’re level 70 in World of Warcraft and you don’t raid, it gets pretty hard to have fun.  Oh, that’s not completely true.  You can arena and you can BG.  But for content, well, there are only so many times you can run an instance before it becomes “farm”.  Yes, you can have conversations with friends in your guild.  Who are in exactly your boat – trying to find quests and story and area that is new, or raiding, or pvp, or turning instances into farming.  That’s why most – not all, but most – guilds at the top are either pvp or raid oriented.

As I’ve already noted, I’m not fond of pvp.  Part of that is that I’m not a good fast-twitch player.  And part… personal idiosyncracy in that I like to play with adults, not /rude /spit /fill-in-the-blank players who are playing to prove something to someone.  It’s not fun, so I don’t do it.

I am not the majority, I think.  But I also suspect I’m not alone.  Some weeks, I only want to play about 4 hours.  Others, maybe 8.  That isn’t enough to push a raid upward.  Well, it can be if the raid is casual about it.  But I’ll gradually be less useful to the raid, eventually being a drag instead of a help REGARDLESS of how skilled I am, because I’ll not really have the gear and supplies.

See, I have multiple interests.  And multiple obligations.  I have two days off.  And I have two weekday evenings that don’t have a couple of hours killed by karate (to include travel time).

So if I were to ask WoW for something else, it’d be some means of adding content for upper level players besides raids.  Something besides the 10/15/25 high-cooperation activities.  I understand why they do – these are MMO, after all, and if I’m going to solo everything anyway then why be online?  (Answer – because even the most extensive solo game I’ve ever played has a crapload LESS solo content than WoW or its peers.)  As it is…

That’s a major contributor to burnout.  Same old grind, forever.  Or, to explain the title, Same Old Same Old.  You can take a vacation from WoW, but your guild can’t really take one in the game.

Next post I’ll kick about some of the reasons to keep going anyway.  They do exist, you know.  In the meantime,

Have fun.


~ by Kirk on June 17, 2008.

2 Responses to “SOSO”

  1. I heartily agree but when I try to think of something that could be done instead, I’m very short of ideas! I’m not much of a raider, Kara’s about my limit; because I work shifts I do get time in the day to grind (mats, rep etc) and it does get very tedious. Dailes get very monotonous very quickly too. I find I usually end up rolling another alt. Yes, I’ve done all the levelling quests several times but I vary which zones I do and there’s the challenge of learning to play a new class.

  2. I find that sometimes when I get tired of playing wow with my 70 warlock or get frustrated because I got into an awful pug or my guild raid group felt apart, I log in with my priest and then just go grind mobs. I find the steady shield, holly fire, sw:p, mind blast, smite, wand …. very relaxing :). Takes my mind away from work.

    The other part of the game that I always have been very fascinated with is the Auction house. I feel that there are days i spend more time trying to figure out a way to make more gold without grinding or dailies. Just kind of learning the mechanisms of the AH, prices, pieces that can be speculated, I find that a game within a game.

    Finally last part that keeps me in the game, is that I got my significant other addicted to WoW as well.

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