Looking some more at Warhammer

Yeah, it intrigues me.  WoW… doesn’t.  ‘course, right now I’m playing none of them, and won’t till things get a lot more stable.  But it doesn’t stop me from looking.

Today I want to look at another thing that caught my attention, and made me wistfully wish it had been in WoW.  That’s how WAR treats guilds.

See, in WoW guilds are, well, they’re just social benefit societies.  Oh, there’s a shared chat channel, and you can have your tabard and your bank.  And that’s about it.  In WAR, on the other hand…

You level your guild.  Just like characters, your guild can have a level of 1 to 40.  The amount of experience the individual provides depends not a little on how many people in the guild – the more people, the less experience anything provides.  So, what do you get for your levels?  Well, let’s look at a few things.

1) all the heraldry gets fun.  Now as you may have heard, you can dye your gear – you’re not committed to the original color.  If you’re in a guild, you can have your cloak show your guild’s crest.  Yep, you just check the block and “poof” it’s on there.  If you’re high enough to have a standard (a banner with your crest), you can claim keeps you’ve won — and that is the crest that flies (till the other side takes it, of course).

Oh, about standards and keeps.  when you get a standard it provides buffs to all your party that’s in range.  As you level, it gets more buffs.  Just like abilities (called tactics) on the player, these can be swapped out prior to the engagement.  (To use a standard, it can be set on the ground or carried.  If carried, the player carrying it can’t use his own skills, but gets some other skills from the banner.  No, I don’t know how well this works, but it intrigues).  Anyway, back to keeps.  If you capture a keep, one of your guildies carrying a banner can put it on the keep.  From then on, it applies its buffs REGION WIDE.  Not just to you, but to your allies.  (I’m still not certain if that’s everyone in the order/destruction group, or if it’s a smaller subset.  Still…)  These buffs can be combat, or they can be, well, “+5% to all money earned.”  “+5% experience”.  Yeah – like the PVP towers in Outland, only YOU get to pick the effect.

As your guild levels, it gets access to the various guild facilities – the leader’s room, the tavern, etc.  These have special vendors – no special points needed, just silver, but you can’t buy them till your guild is high enough to let you in.  Oh, and at certain levels you gain… call it a teleporter to these places.  So a level 17+ guild can transport to the guild tavern – voila, hearthstone alternative.  One last item – level 40.  At that level, if your guild is one of the top ten in Renown Points, its banner is one of the ten that fly in the street near the guild taverns.  Yes, EVERYBODY can see that your guild is Uber.  (snicker)

So, your guild can grow, getting buffs and other goodies.  It’s an interesting idea, and I look forward to seeing how well it works.


~ by Kirk on September 22, 2008.

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