It’s the Healer’s Fault

There are no official forums for WARhammer online, but there are plenty of unofficial ones.  And on several one thread/topic is so prevalent it’s literally locked as soon as it appears.  It’s the various theme of, “Why won’t healers do their jobs?”

Now there’s a degree of legitimacy to this.  There are plenty of screenshots of healers having extremely low heal numbers – of only healing themselves, or even only a few people.  That said, the moaning and groaning tells us just a weeeee bit more of what’s going on once we dig further into the sludge.

The complaint really goes, “Why isn’t the healer keeping ME alive, fulltime?”  Buried – or sometimes openly stated – is the belief that the healer has no purpose at all in the game besides healing.  There are games where that is true.  It’s not true of WoW, and it’s especially not true of WAR.

Let’s start with WoW.  There are a few healer-type classes, though one is pretty much always a healer: the priest.  Even so, the priest has a lot of other things to do.  The priest may be exploring.  The priest may be doing his/her own quest.  The priest may be playing with a Holy Smite build.

In WAR, this is even greater.  While the archetypes are called healers, the reality is that they’re PVP players who CAN heal.  There’s the warrior priest/disciple of Khaine, which are “melee healers”.  That is, they swing their weapons and that gives them the juice with which to heal.  Bluntly, and especially at the beginning, they’re going to heal one target predominately: themselves.  If you’re nearby, you might get some splash.  The Archmage/Shaman is another “can” not “must” heal.  Over half the spells are damage spells.  While not as OMG as a dedicated DPS caster, they’re quite capable of dealing much damage on the field.  And that is, as any DPS player can tell you, fun.  Even the purest of the healers, the runepriest/zealot, can do some damage if that’s what they want to do.  And that’s the real key, “IF they want to.”

So the first response is they don’t HAVE to heal. “They rolled a healer they have to heal. That’s what the archetype says.”  Bah.  They paid money to play a game, and the ONLY thing they should be striving to do is enjoy themselves.  If they want to be a minitank/melee dps’er, they can.  It’s THEIR decision.

A short digression.  Already the word’s coming out that the healers are dangerous in 1V1 situations.  Unlike WoW, all three are hard to kill.  Sure, their DPS isn’t as good as pretty much anything else, but it takes pretty much FOREVER to kill them because they heal so well.  Take long enough and even the relatively piddly damage of the Runepriest/Zealot adds up.  Besides, take long enough and somebody else might come by.  Of course, that leads to the other reason healers might not be healing.

I cannot count the number of times Zingiber stood in a PVP situation, targeted by rogues and/or warlocks and/or whatever, and suddenly some idiot passing by yells HEAL ME – without doing diddly about the players chomping on me.  Yeah, the player who rolls a runepriest does tend to be a healer.  But if you the DPS or Tank roll by and don’t keep others off, then turnabout is fair play.

“Waaah, they’re not healing me,” should get an immediate, “what did you do for the healers?” in response.  Actually, I saw that.  And the responses left me shaking my head because for far too many it was, “huh?”

It’s a team.  There are two kinds of team – a bunch of supporters making a star shine and a cooperative organization with flashes from everywhere.  All things being equal the latter tends to do better.  So if you’re not getting heals, it might just be because you’re not part of the team – not just “grouped” but actually being part of the team.

Want a healer to dedicate to you?  Become that healer’s bestest buddy and keep everyone off him or her.  You’ll love the results, and then you can say with absolute honestly, “It’s the healer’s fault (that I’m such a dangerous player).”


~ by Kirk on September 23, 2008.

5 Responses to “It’s the Healer’s Fault”

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  2. […] going for her. All of the heals the class uses, it seems, are either passive or HoTs. As a result I can wade into melee with my hammer willy-nilly, dropping heals on myself just before I reach combat. My only frustration is that I’m having […]

  3. I so know what you mean. 2 days ago a saw a Bright Wizard /shout abuse at a Archmage in scenario”Heal me stupid! “Heal!”.

    Note that the Bright Wizard wasn’t under attack, he was just blowing himself up with high Combustion, trying to get top damage numbers….

  4. “Try to walk a mile in a healer’s sandals. That way, you’ll be a mile ahead of them. And out of range for heals. And die. And blame it on them.”

    I’m not sure where to attribute this quote, but it’s so true =)

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