I’m tempted to restart my WoW account even though the game itself doesn’t enthuse me.  It’s because I finally put together the bits and pieces needed to WiiWow.  OK, that needs some expansion, explanation, and then discussion.

A while back, while I was fading, I commented I’d like to play WoW on the wii.  It turns out that various folk have been working on how to use the Wiimote to run, well, several things.  To put in simple terms: a bluetooth dongle (or native bluetooth capability), bluetooth control software, and a little program called GlovePIE are about all you need.  Well, that and some scripting loving.

GlovePIE was written to allow VR gloves to be used with a computer.  Frankly it’s a brilliant bit of work, all kudos to the designer, Carl Kenner.

Once it’s all loaded, you have to do some script work.  Basically the scripts are to convert the message from the WiiMote and/or Nunchuk to a signal the PC understands.  Yes, this includes the movement calculation from the sensor bar so it can detect move toward/away/left/right/up/down/yaw(left and right) from the WiiMote.  To be blunt, I’m fascinated and boggled.  Not least is figuring out what to put where.  Huh, you don’t get it?

OK, let’s say you use your wiimote for left/right.  Now, how do you keep going?  If it’s logarithmically cued – that is, if it’s “the further from center the faster you move” you get two more things with which to mess: center (and tolerance for not being exact) and off-screen (when the wiimote can’t see any of the IR sensors any more).  The fun one is move – forward and strafe.  (Turn is just left/right while moving).  Let’s make “C” the ‘go’ button.  And I’ll use yaw for strafing left and right.  I think I’ll leave up and down uncued unless flying.

Now I’ve got the D-pad and A and B buttons on the ‘mote, plus the nunchuk.  Nunchuk next – it’s now my pointer controller (separate from movement if I can).  This might not work, darnit.  Still…  I want the nunchuk to move the pointer across the menus with the first and second buttons being mouse-buttons 1 and 2.

D-pad is camera.

A and B are… hmm.  I really don’t know.  Two macros, to be loaded situationally?  That’s probably best.

Know what?  I still don’t, quite, like it.  But it’s a rough idea.  If anyone is reading, how would YOU orient your ‘mote and ‘chuk system to run the game?  Because I now know it’s POSSIBLE, and for that reason…

Oh – vent.  And look real, real hard for a voice-to-chat addon (like that’s going to work.  sigh.)


~ by Kirk on September 23, 2008.

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