Continuing the Overview – Rune Priest/Zealot

Again, some caveats.  I’m not playing yet, so cannot give the little details.  This is meant as much for “figuring out what I want” as it is telling the WoW readers most of you are how these are both the same and different.  Do NOT think I’m trying to identify “best”-  not least, that’s going to depend on your play preference and biases.  (To make that plainer – I won’t be playing Destruction.  Oh, I like greenskins – on tabletop that’s one of my armies.  But just as Undead in WoW make me uncomfortable, I’m bothered by Chaos.  Dark elves are just short of being Chaos Elves — a whole nation built on the concept that cooperation and trust is fatal just doesn’t work for me, and I can’t disbelieve enough to make it work.)

Aaaanyway.  The reason I started with the Rune Priest / Zealot (henceforth RPZ) is because of the three healer types this is probably the closest thing Warhammer’s got to a “pure” healer.  Armor is between that of the Archmage/shaman (AMSH) and the melee based Warrior Priest/Disciples of Khaine (WPDK).  They’re probably the weakest (relative terms) for offensive play, but they can last and last and last with their healing.

In addition to the basic heal casts (direct, HoT and AoE) they’re probably the most prolific buffers – at least they have what appears to be the most opportunity to buff.  They’ve got a couple of things to note in addition.  First, they’ve got an interesting ‘on demand’ capability.  That is, some of their buffs come with an extra action that can be triggered by the person who was buffed.  For example, a tank could be wearing this buff that provides extra spell resistance, and in the middle of a largish pull trigger it so it does an AoE damage blast – and the spell resist continues.

The second thing to note is mastery trees.  Think spec – seriously, that’s what they are.  For the other two analog sets the choices are between healing and damage.  As I said, the RPZ is the closest to a “true” healer (from the WoW point of view), and it’s demonstrated by the trees.  Basically: Direct Single; Over Time; and AoE.  Notice I didn’t say “heal” in any of those three.  MOSTLY they are.  But there are a few damage spells, and they’re relevant to the particular mastery path.

If you’re an RPZ, you’re going to choose based on your play style as well as the demands of any groups with which you regularly play.  At this point I refuse to do theory crafting on which does how much.  Not least there are a lot of other elements that are synergistic.  (I’ve not discussed talents, gear, supporting buffs, and all the other fun that can be involved.)  You’ll choose an RPZ if you want a class that’s mostly meant as a healer, one who CAN solo stuff, but is clearly representative of the healer archetype.  (Ain’t no RPZ shadowpriests, y’all.)  On the other hand, you’re stuck with either a dwarf or a human (chaos) for your race.  If it’s race that drives you… ok.

The class appeals to me because of its familiarity.  Given I was burning out with that same familiarity, I’ll probably not choose it as my main.  An alt, though… maybe.

~ by Kirk on September 24, 2008.

One Response to “Continuing the Overview – Rune Priest/Zealot”

  1. You called the War Priest the cockroach of the game, but lemme tell you… I played I Runepriest last night through the first six levels and the damn things are… REALLY hard to kill.

    The reason? Healing. The first two heals they get are instants: a direct and a HoT. The cooldown on these two is basically non-existent, and was enough healing for me to stay almost at maxed health with SIX guys following me around and trying to kill me.

    Their main attack is really slow, but at level 2 or 3 you get an Instant-cast DoT with solid damage.

    So… two instant heals, including a HoT, and an instant-cast DoT? All at very low levels? SUPER-mobile healer: think Druid (complete with moonfire to kite with).

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