Pondering another set of guild loot rules

Actually, pondering a particular rule.  Now as I – and just about every other blogger that’s discussed making guilds work – have noted, deciding who gets what loot from a drop is probably THE biggest cause of guild drama.  Again repeating myself, pretty much every rule can be scammed and will be disliked by someone. They all have their flaws and weaknesses.  And as long as the guild TRUSTS that the rules will be consistently and equitably applied, they’ll generally accept them despite all the problems.

Which means the following is not a magic bullet.

I’ve recommended some rules before – and bluntly they’re for major guilds who want to deal with the large amount of paperwork.  I thought of a small, different variation I’d like to bring to the table for general consideration.  I suspect it’s not new, just that it may be something that works.

The bag of loot drops, and some of it is Really Good Stuff – the type of stuff that causes the problem.  The plan:

Everybody rolls;

High roller gets three choices:

Pick an item

Pick a person who can pick an item


Once the high roller is done, the second highest roller goes – UNLESS he (or she) was ‘picked’ by the first roller.

If the group’s been gone through once and there is still loot, run through a second time, same rules.  After that, if you still have stuff it’s probable that nobody wants any.  Vend it, disenchant it for the magic supplies, whatever.  I’d still recommend following the order.  Three passes should get everything gone.  Heck, for most raids on which I’ve participated two will probably do it.  There’ve been rare exceptions – when every SINGLE item is designated for a particular class and you’ve only got one of that class.  As I said, “exception”.

is it perfect?  heh – absolutely not.  Is it fast and simple?  actually, yes.  Would it work?  I think so.

Feel free to use – or modify – to your heart’s (and guild’s) content.

Have fun.

~ by Kirk on September 24, 2008.

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